Still Scratching Your Head Over New DVSA Training?

This Year The DVSA Have Introduced Some Big Changes To MOT Training. Here’s The Answer To All Your Questions!

The intention of the DVSA is to improve testing standards and consistency of quality and knowledge across the industry. These changes will help to make sure that the work you and your Nominated Testers do is making an even greater contribution to road and vehicle safety.

How does the new training requirement work?

Since April 1st 2016 every nominated tester is now required to complete Continual Professional Development (CPD) per annum & one annual assessment.


How many hours training do nominated testers have to complete?

Each nominated tester must complete at least 3 hours (180 minutes) of CPD training every year for every class that they can test. So for a tester who can carry out class 1-2 and class 3-7 they would need to complete at leatst 3 hours CPD training for class 1-2 and three hours CPD training for class 3-7.

Do the DVSA supply the training?

No, the DVSA merely set the requirement for the training to be completed. MOT Juice is the market leading solution for ensuring your nominated testers complete their CPD Training and annual assessment exam

How do I track results?

Whenever a ominated tester completes a training module within the MOT Juice CPD training system the scores are generated instantly and locked into the system. Both you (The business owner) and the nominated tester are able to refview the answers at any time.

How do I keep training records?

MOT Juice has a built in ‘Training Tracker’ that keeps tabs on how your nominated testers are progressing which includes automated reminders and notifications for them to complete modules on time. We also notify you (the business owner). You can see at a glance how all your nominated testers are progressing and who needs to do more CPD training to meet the requirement.

Isn’t this just more paperwork for me?

Absolutely not! The MOT Juice CPD Training system is completely paperless and is web based so that you or your nominated testers can log in from anywhere on any device and complete training, update records and much more.

How do I Take The annual Exams?

This is built into the MOT Juice CPD Training system right out of the box. We deliver the annual assessment exam the same way we deliver the training and again we remind, track and trace so you don’t have to.

Is this still classroom based training?

No … sending your nominated testers to a classroom to complete their CPD training is both expensive and time consuming to your business. With the MOT Juice CPD Training system everything is done online meaning no loss of man hours and no additional costs to your business.

I have multiple locations, can I still use this?

Of course! MOT Juice CPD Training was developed by a multi-site VTS business owner. There is no limit to amount of locations you can have in your account and we make it easy to see each location independently or as your business as a whole.

Can I have more than one nominated tester using this?

Yes, you can have as many nominated testers in the MOT Juice CPD training system and each tester has their own login meaning that they can complete the training at their own pace while you get to see at a glance who is succeeding and who is not.

Will this make Site Inspections easier?

Yes! The MOT Juice CPD training system allows you to login and within a couple of clicks you can hand the V/E a full site audit making your life easy and turning the V/E into your new best friend for making job a doddle!

How much does this cost?

The cost of the whole system platform is just £54.85 +VAT per site per annum (the cost of one MOT!) then, for each nominated tester you add to the system its just £8.99 +VAT per month.

Can I get a Discount?

Hell Yes! … so that you can give the system a full road test we’re waiving the £54.85 platform fee for 2016 (i.e. its free to use until April 2017) AND … for each nominated tester you add when setting up the system we will give them THREE FREE TRAINING MODULES. This means that your nominated testers can complete 25% (45 minutes) of their 3 hour minimum CPD training requirement at absolutely no cost to you.

Can I see a free Demo?

No Problemo! – Simply click the button below and you can log into our fully functioning demo system. This will show you how the system works and once you’re happy you can then go ahead and take advantage of our ‘Free Until April 2017 & Three Free Training Modules’ offer above.


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