MOT Juice Prices Are Changing

MOT Juice just got flexible!

At MOT Juice, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our customer value and satisfaction as well as making it affordable for all garages big and small.

We are pleased to share that as of the first of April 2017 our customers are able to choose from different packages and make their MOT Juice system bespoke to their garage.

All of the below prices are +VAT

Standalone Products:
You can now purchase any of our products on their own at the below prices:

Product Monthly Annually
Exam Only - £34.00
Training Only £7.99 £60.75
CPD Only £7.99 £60.75

Buy the CPD only package now.

Essentials Package:

Our new Essentials package includes either the CPD or the Core Training modules syllabus and the Annual Assessment per tester. The cost of the package is as follows:
1 x Annual exam per tester. £34.00
1 x Training syllabus per tester. £6.99 per month
or £69.75 per year

Buy the Essentials package now.

Best Practice
The MOT Juice Best Practice package comprises of the annual Core Training and the CPD syllabus. This allows your testers to be fully DVSA compliant whilst allowing you to choose when to purchase their annual exams.

1 x CPD syllabus per tester.
1 x Core Training syllabus per tester. £8.99 per month
or £93.00 per year

Buy the Best Practice package now.

Full Compliancy
The MOT Juice Full Compliancy package is the best package for any MOT business. It includes the full Core Training and CPD syllabus as well as the Annual Tester Assessment.

1 x Annual exam per tester. £34.00
2 x Training syllabus per tester. £8.99 per month
or £93.00 per year

Buy the Full Compliancy package now.

30-day trial VTS tools
When you sign up with you chosen product or package you automatically receive a 30-day free trial* of the UK number DVSA Compliancy system which allows you to manage all of the below:

• Quality Checks
• Sit Audits
• Calibrations
• MOT Equipment
• VE Recording
• Portal Option
• Revenue Generating Tools

* Your 30 day free trial will automatically be billed on the end of the 30th day. You can opt out anytime before you are billed.