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We deliver new products and features on a regular basis, here's a snapshot of what we have launched recently

Importance of mock exams - blog post
April 22nd 2022

Importance of Mock Exams
mot juice & imi partnership - blog post
February 14th 2022

MOT Juice & IMI Partnership
mock exam now available - blog post
October 28th 2021

Mock Exam Now Available

Stuff we're working on


Ideas we're actively exploring.

Achievement Centre

Expected: TBD

 New Feature

A new achievement centre to award accomplishments made within your MOT Juice account. Earn experience points & badges and compare your progress with all other testers using MOT Juice across the UK.

Progress 81%

Account Profile & Settings Page

Expected: TBD

 New Feature

A new page to manage profile and account settings including professional qualifications; account security; notification preferences and more.

Progress 32%

Exporting KPI Data as CSV

Expected: TBD

Data Platinum Tools Upgrade

Adding the ability to export Key Performance Indicator data to a CSV file as well as a PDF report.

Progress 5%


Ideas that made it to the design phase.

Site Audits V2.0

Expected: TBD

Site Audits Upgrade

A new ground-up rebuild of the MOT Juice Site Audit to more accurately ensure the compliance standards within your VTS are being met.

Progress 19%


Projects we're actively developing.

Custom Workspaces/Dashboards

Expected: TBD

Enterprise New Products

A brand new page allowing client level users to build custom workspaces/dashboards focusing on the information and metrics that drive your business.

Progress 1%

New Email Templates

Expected: TBD

Notifications Upgrade

A review of all our automated system emails to bring them up to date including a revision of their content.

Progress 23%

TQI Trends & Patterns

Expected: April 2022

Platinum Tools TQI

A new tool for Site Managers and clients to compare TQI and MOT Test trends among their business. Compare testers, branches, brands and more.

Progress 100%

How we build is just as important as what we build

We take pride in our work. "How" we build our products is just as important as "what" we build. We work closely with our clients asking for regular feedback and input on new products and features, helping us to ensure the end product is truly what our clients are after.

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We're always interested to find out how we can improve MOT Juice. We want to hear about those small tweaks that will make a difference to you. All suggestions are logged and reviewed on a regular basis and helps our team with the product development.

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