Benefits Of The MOT Juice System

Knowing that over 60% of all new customers originally find their information on websites using either a PC, tablet or mobile phone we have capitalised on this by ensuring that our Customer Acquisition Portals and Our Back Office System are both device friendly.

Meaning both are easily scalable to be enhanced for easy navigation and quick loading, the Customer Acquisition Portal is optimised to encourage new customers to book with you online or by phone from their device.

Both aspects of the system are programmed and enhanced with 5th generation code and CSS allowing both the Customer Acquisition Portal and the Back Office to load fast and efficiently. We also make use of pre-cached images to help further reduce loading time making it quicker and easier for new customers to book with you.

To access the Back Office all you need is an Internet connection and a browser, there's no need to download any specialist software. As long as you have an Internet connection the Back Office is accessible any time, anywhere.

The MOT Juice system is 100% managed, hosted and supported by our UK based team who are continually looking for ways to improve and enhance the MOT Juice system to make acquiring new customers for your MOT business an everyday occurrence rather then a sporadic event.

All of your company and customers details and information are stored in a secure UK based data centre protected from system failures, crashes or any online nasties.

We do not replace your exiting website, we provide you with the entire MOT Juice package including a custom Customer Acquisition Portal and a Back Office System. Our Customer Acquisition Portal is built to specifically attract new customers searching in your local area for an MOT testing station thus expanding your customer base in and around your local area.

The whole system is simple and easy to use. Intentionally built to save you time and money by quickly and accurately displaying information regarding your business in the most concise way so you don't have to spend hours pouring over statistics and figures. We also provide access to our online library of training videos to explain the finer details of the system, which can be accessed any time anywhere so long as you have access to an internet connection. Plus our dedicated UK based support team is always on hand.

The MOT Juice system tracks all of your customers' information to provide you with accurate details of your customers' vehicles, contact details, and how and when the customer contacted your business. Tracking this information helps you pinpoint ways to capitalise on inbound revenue and allow you to make important business decisions to grow your MOT business. By tracking and storing your customers details we are able to send automated reminders to all of your customers to remind them when their MOTs are due driving them back to you as repeat business without you lifting a finger.

The MOT Juice system has been tested for over 3 years and is proven to work. We have a tried, tested, proven formula for generating new MOT Customers which has been developed by our in house team and we can say with all certainty that MOT Juice will guarantee you new MOT customers resulting in increased revenue and returned business.

Now that you’re geared up and ready for the MOT Juice system to generate new MOT customers for you MOT business, head on over to our signup form here and once that’s complete we’ll be in touch to move things along.

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