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How To Prepare For The Inevitable DVSA Site Visit

Barry Babister from MOT Juice provides guidance on how you should prepare for the inevitable...

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The DVSA have announced changes to the Diesel Emissions

MUST READ: Diesel Emissions Testing Info

This week we are taking a look at the smoke limits for Diesel vehicles...

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2019/20 DVSA training curriculum is now out! Grab your copy today from MOT Juice.

Get Clued Up On This Year’s Training Curriculum With Our FREE PDF Download!

We know you’ve only just recovered from the rush of last year’s DVSA Training & Assessment, but...

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Beat that end of year DVSA training, CPD and exam stress with MOT Juice!

Beat That End Of Year Stress With MOT Juice!

Did this year's DVSA Training and Assessment deadline bring you unnecessary pressure? Were you...

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The ultimate MOT Tester checklist to staying qualified post April 1st 2019.

Stay qualified as an MOT Tester

To help ensure you know everything that you and your testers need to do before the...

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