Five Reasons To Buy

There are numerous benefits in choosing MOT Juice to bring new MOT customers to your business. Here are the top five reasons you should let us "Juice Up" your MOT garage.

All future updates are free

The MOT Juice System is constantly changing and our Technical team are always building new innovative features that are highly valuable to every MOT garage. Therefore, it is part of our ethos that as a valued customer you will always get all future software upgrades absolutely free with your MOT Juice Account.

No Win No Fee

Our on-going No Win No Fee ethos is structured so that you only pay £5 per customer delivered to you by the MOT Juice system. If we don't generate any customers for you then you don't pay for them. We do not charge you by the number of visits or the number of clicks to your Customer Acquisition Portal.

Exclusivity Of Customers

Once a customer has made contact with your MOT garage, that customer is yours to keep. Furthermore that customer is exclusive to your business we do not give customer details to multiple test centres as this simply decreases the value of the customer we deliver to you.

Low Start Up Costs

Due to the work and support that goes into setting up each garage with its own dedicated and highly targeted MOT Juice system there is an initial set up fee of £54.85 + VAT. For which we will provide you with a customised Customer Acquisition Portal, a secure Back Office System, and a tracked phone number, which is visible on the Customer Acquisition Portal.

Low Cost Renewal

There is an annual renewal fee of £54.85 + VAT at the end of every 12 month period from your original sign up date. This fee covers the cost of system maintenance, support from our UK team and any updates or improvements to the system. We're sure that once you've experienced and enjoyed the benefits of the MOT Juice system for a year you wont want to stop the steady stream of customers that MOT Juice delivers to your door week in week out.

To contact our team and get the MOT Juice system for your business fill in our contact form found below and get ready for all the new MOT customers that will be knocking on the door to your MOT test centre.

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