This Is The MOT Juice Story

Barry Babister and his business partner own and manage two large independent garages in the Gatwick area.

In early 2012 our web based customer advertising was pretty average, so we made the decision to divert money away from traditional advertising vehicles and made a concerted effort to concentrate on methods that generate new customers, again and again, using online methods at very minimal costs.

We engaged an in-house team of IT professionals, web marketing and SEO experts and set about improving the ways in which we attracted new customers needing MOT tests. We knew that if we could win enough new MOT customers online and give these people a great customer experience they would use us for all their car repair and servicing needs.

By late 2013 we had developed a very niche online targeting system which was driving, on a good day, as many as 12 new MOT customers to our garages, even on a bad day we are getting 5 new customers per day.

At the close of 2013 we realised that we could expand this system so that it could benefit other MOT garages and today MOT Juice is flowing in ever more locations, our clients are having record months every month and our MOT Juice system is being continually refined and evolved to perform better.

Today MOT Juice employs a crack team of specialist database code engineers, best in class web designers, ninja SEO experts and superb support staff all working to refine and improve the system on a daily basis. The small sign-up fee wouldn't even cover the costs of the team working behind the scenes for even half a day.

Whether you're a one man band or a large multinational, MOT Juice is tailored to your business and designed from the ground up to give you results.

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