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Who are we and what do we do?

Necessity is the mother of invention

This proverb, sometimes attributed to Plato, is apt for MOT Juice.

In 2015, seismic changes to ongoing MOT Training were afoot. There used to be a training course once every 5 years with an exam at the end. However, the DVSA required testers to undertake annual MOT Tester training with an online annual exam.

Delivering this training each year with the annual assessment is now the responsibility of the tester and the AE. Two things gave rise to MOT Juice. The need for a systemised approach to training and the burgeoning weight of increased regulation by the DVSA.

Built by testers, for testers

Driving development from his own experience as a tester, owner and manager of two vehicle testing stations, Barry’s vision of a computerised system to help him manage and control needed to be clear, simple and easy to use yet still provide all the functionality he needed.

Guided by the axiom keep it simple, stupid, MOT Juice has grown into a fully-fledged, state of the art MOT Centre management tool not only covering the training and exams but also QC checks, Site Audits and Calibrations.

Allowing testers, AEs, AEDMs, site managers and garage owners to have one place to store all their records it also allows clear management overview of the current situation in all areas of their MOT business from single site operations to businesses with more that 50 sites.

Who are we?

So, who is responsible for this incredible evolution?  Firstly Barry.  It was his vision that created MOT Juice in the beginning.  He assembled a crack team of coders, developers, and web site builders who have been busy beavering away ever since.

Some of the personnel has changed over time but at the core sits Dave and Matt who have really been the guys who built MOT Juice to what it is today.  Now joined by Alan and Sean and a terrific sales, customer service and on-boarding team made up of Jim, Tracy, Sammy and Tim.

In a nutshell

We’ve brought together the right people with all the right information and skills within the industry to ensure we can deliver the best solution for your needs. Our platform gives you the latest, most complete way to put all your DVSA compliance and risk management at the centre of everything you do. MOT Juice provides operational efficiency, data security, and flexibility to scale all in a powerful package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet – no matter where you are in the world.

Meet the team

This is us.

Barry Babister - MOT Juice

Barry Babister, M.D

My first MOT bay opened over 20 years ago and I too have seen plenty of changes. Today I operate 7 MOT bays and have a great team of testers in our CCM garages business.

I launched MOT Juice to help our own MOT centres, but guess what? it works for any MOT business large or small. Our own experiences help us to continually mould the MOT Juice solution. Every week, we learn from our clients, we talk to the DVSA and we meet VE’s to refine our product. I believe that no other company has a genuine cause and a desire to help testers and garage owners in the way that MOT Juice does.

If you want to talk to me then contact us as I am always keen to chat with people in our industry and learn what makes them tick and see if we can give a solution to make everyone’s life a little simpler.

Sean McCarthy

When not trying to tear the chicken strips off his Ducati’s tyres, Sean can be found working with the team to plan out future development and evolution of MOT Juice. He also coordinates the production of our training and CPD.

As an Operations Director, Sean has spent the 13 years between 2005 and 2018 building and managing an independent company parking 3500 cars a week at Gatwick Airport – “systems run companies, people run systems”.

Previous careers include theatre scenery construction, ski repair technician, TV commercials production and taxi driver to name a few.  Hobbies including snowboarding, photography and of course motorcycles.

Sean McCarthy - MOT Juice
Jim Tierney - MOT Juice

Jim Tierney

Jim joined MOT Juice in 2018 bringing with him a vast array of knowledge of a heavily regulated industry.

Now running the MOT Juice sales and distribution team, Jim manages our top clients.  In addition ensuring their needs and feedback reach our development team to help continue to expand and grow our products.

David Lennon

Since studying IT and design in high school I have always had a passion for designing and building websites and systems. Working for MOT Juice has allowed me to design a lot of the user interface our users see and interact with on a day-to-day basis.

My hobbies include watching Rugby and Motorsports (mainly Formula 1 and Touring Cars) and I love listening to and exploring new music as well as going to concerts. Favourite movie?… Wreck it Ralph!

David Lennon - MOT Juice
Matt Walker - MOT Juice

Matt Walker, Systems Developer

I have been developing web based products since the mid 1990’s and over the last 5 years have helped build MOT Juice into what it is today. I take the ideas & designs from company members and turn them into a working product ready for the MOT Juice user base.

Since 2014, I have helped develop MOT Juice from a small software solution. In the beginning only used by Barry in his own business, MOT Juice now has over 5,000 users.  A complete Quality Management System, MOT Juice is now used throughout the MOT industry in the UK.

Tim Kent

Having started my career in Financial services back in the 80’s, I’ve learned a lot about working in a regulated environment. The requirement for working in a structured and evidential manner was developed years ago. As a result, all information is properly stored and can be made available for inspection to the regulator.

I have extensive experience in sales and set up my own businesses in the past. My great skill is the ability to look at things from a corporate customer viewpoint.

I can see how the DVSA are starting to regulate the MOT and motor industry. Transferring responsibility for the operational running of the business, within the ever-tightening regulations, to the garage owner. This is then passed down to the technicians and MOT testers. These are now regarded as professional positions, with responsibility for ensuring the vehicles they test are safe for the UK’s roads.

This industry is very similar to financial services and will continue to grow in regulation, in a similar fashion.

Tim Kent - MOT Juice
Tracy Elliott - MOT Juice

Tracy Elliott

Tracy Join MOT Juice with Jim back in 2018. Bedding into the team really quickly Tracy now manages many of our valued client accounts.  She also helps them on a day-to-day basis getting familiar with the MOT Juice system.

On top of helping our clients, Tracy also manages Jim’s time and appointments. She ensures maximum efficiency when it comes to bringing on new clients and helping them through the on-boarding phase.

Sammy Herron

I joined the MOT Juice team in October 2018. Since then I have really enjoyed learning about the automotive industry and getting to know our lovely clients. I am soon to commence my MSc in Organisational Psychology at the University of London. This will strengthen my knowledge of training and development, and how this can be effectively implemented within organisations. When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my four year old daughter, travelling and going to the gym.

Sammy Herron - MOT Juice
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