MOT Centre Site Auditing

Keep tabs on your VTS risk score and identify & fix problematic areas

The MOT Juice system has a built-in monthly auditing feature. This allows you to conduct your own site assessment, to see how you would perform in relation to a DVSA VE site visit. This is available at a fraction of the cost of having a third-party auditor on-site.

As many garage owners will know, a DVSA site assessment can be a tense time. Having a Vehicle Examiner turn up unannounced means the future of your garage is no longer in your hands. All you can do is hope you have made the grade.

The MOT Juice system can now offer you a realistic guideline, as to how your garage would perform in a real site assessment. You can now complete your own site audit, to see what your score would be, if the DVSA turned up at your garage today.

We built the MOT Juice Site Audits to be as in-depth as possible, whilst still being easy to complete. The Site Audit will guide you through your entire MOT Centre, analysing areas such as:

– Customer waiting and reception areas;
– Notices & public information;
– Workload management;
– Quality management systems (QMS);
– Staff training;
– Workshop appearance;
– And much much more.

Once you’ve completed a monthly Site Audit inside your MOT Juice account, you’ll be given one of the following scores:

Red – 360.1+

A red score will indicate many issues with your VTS that need resolving, sooner rather than later. This may also highlight a drop in standards, which needs addressing. A red score should never be ignored! If you have scored red in your Site Audit, we recommend you try to fix some of these issues in the current month and attempt another Site Audit, once you think you have fixed them.

Amber – 270.1-360

An amber score will indicate that some issues have been found within your VTS that need resolving. There could be some minor issues that can be fixed fairly easily. It is recommended that you aim to address these issues before next month’s Site Audit.

Green – 0-270

If you scored green in your Site Audit, then you are broadly on the right track. It is important not to let standards slip. DVSA are tightening their standards and you should always aim to improve wherever possible. If some issues have been highlighted, you should try to fix these over the next couple of months.

You should not let your score put you off performing an honest Site Audit. You can only improve your VTS if you know what issues need fixing! When performing a monthly Site Audit, you should be honest and think to yourself ‘how would a VE view this?’.

The best auditing process is to record evidence that you found a fault, have made a note of it and are working towards resolving it (with notes wherever you can).

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