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What is MOT Juice? 98% 2%

MOT Juice is an affordable, easy to use MOT centre Quality Management System (or QMS)Helps coordinate and direct an organisation’s activities to meet regulatory requirements and improve its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis. that will guide you through the complex and sometimes overwhelming task of raising your compliance with DVSA regulations and give you the confidence to effectively manage the risk ratings for your business and your testers.
MOT Juice can be tailored to your business and has all the functionality to help you control your risk rating including:
  • MOT training, CPD and annual assessments;
  • QC Checks with any incorrect test methods and corrections recorded and acknowledged by each tester;
  • Site Audits highlighting any improvements to make with reminders;
  • Calibration certificate storage and scheduling;
  • Download and analyse tester’s Test Quality Information (or TQI)Data about the MOT tests you’ve carried out. Use it as a starting point to monitor your standards of testing. data;
  • Download and analyse station Test Logs.
Every function is recorded automatically ready for a VE inspection and comes with reminders for all regular tasks for you and your testers including training so you can be confident you are up to date on all your important tasks.
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Who are MOT Juice? 97% 3%

We’ve brought together the right people with all the right information and skills within the industry to ensure we can deliver the best solution for your needs. All our staff are in-house and employed by MOT Juice. We don’t out-source any of our work, so you can be sure that everyone at MOT Juice is dedicated to building a product that is right for the industry.
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What does MOT Juice do? 96% 4%

MOT Juice allows you complete quality management control over all areas of VTS complianceThe ability to act according to an order, set of rules or request [of the DVSA]. to DVSA requirements. This means you can operate your MOT business secure in the knowledge that as long as you have fully engaged with the MOT Juice system you are totally prepared for a visit from your VE and can demonstrate to them that you keep all records correctly and up to date.
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Will MOT Juice work for me? 98% 2%

MOT Juice has been designed and developed to work with all types of MOT businesses ranging from small business owners to large national brands. We truly believe that the MOT Juice system will benefit all MOT centres so they can run smoothly, efficiently and more compliant.
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Is there someone I can talk to? 99% 1%

We have team members on stand-by ready to take your call and are always on hand to help with any of your queries. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. You can call our team on 01293 911 120, or you can email us at
Whenever you contact MOT Juice, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re speaking with a real human being that understands the software we develop and you will use.
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Do I need to download anything? 97% 3%

With MOT Juice, there is nothing to download and nothing to install. Our software is completely cloud-basedSoftware that is stored, managed, and processed on a network of remote servers hosted on the internet, rather than on local computers. meaning it is accessible anywhere at any time so long as you have an internet connection and an internet enabled device.
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Is there a contract? 98% 2%

With MOT Juice, you only pay for the services you want to receive for as long as you want to receive them. We don’t tie you into a contract and you can cancel at any time.
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What makes MOT Juice different from other training providers? 90% 10%

At MOT Juice, we have 2 simple rules about our product. It must be flexible and easy to use.
Our training is flexible because it allows you to complete it whenever and wherever is convenient for you. It also allows you to use whatever training provider you want, and record it in your MOT Juice account.
Our training is easy to use because we understand the needs of testers, and have build a very simple (but advanced) training system to allow you to do your training on your computer, tablet or mobile, complete with multiple question stylesMultiple-Choice; Tree/False; Picture Based; Poll; Fill in the Blanks; Arrange Correct Order; and more to accommodate for a range of learning techniques.
We’ve also built a handy training provider comparison table so that you can quickly and easily see the pros and cons of each training provider, to see exactly who offers the best product for you.
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How much does the annual training cost? 92% 8%

MOT Juice offers a variety of training packages to suit your needs. Our training packages start from just £7.99 per tester per month or just £60.75 per tester per year.
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How long is the annual training? 88% 12%

3 hours per year.
The DVSA require all MOT Testers to complete a minimum of 3 hours of training each year between 1st April and 31st March. A tester must also retain records of the last 5 years of DVSA curriculum trainingTraining that specifically covers the topics set by the DVSA at the start of each training year..
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When do I need to complete the annual training? 91% 9%

Before 31st March each year.
All MOT testers need to have completed their 3 hours of training before 31st March each year. MOT Juice advises to have completed the majority of training before the end of January each year as this helps reduce stress levels when the deadline for training, CPDContinuing Professional Development – Ongoing training requirement that does not cover any of the curriculum topics. and annual assessment is fast approaching.
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What happens if I don’t complete the training on time? 84% 16%

Failure to complete the DVSA required training in a given year may subject the MOT tester to suspension from testing by the DVSA.
The DVSA have the right to withdraw any MOT tester’s licence to test if they discover a tester has not completed and recorded a minimum of 3 hours of training each year.
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How do I record my training? 84% 16%

With MOT Juice, all your training is logged automatically on our systems and recorded into a DVSA approved template.
With MOT Juice, you don’t need to worry about recording any of your training completed through us as it is automatically done for you. You can click a button at any time from your training dashboard to download and print a record of all your training completed over time.
You can also record all your training completed in previous years with other training providersAny company that offers training for the DVSA curriculum. so that all your training records are stored in one secure place.
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What if I already bought from another training provider? 93% 7%

No worries. With MOT Juice, you can record all the training you do with other providers so that all your training records can be stored and accessed from 1 place.
Whether you have done training with companies such as The IMI; MOT Club; Autotech Recurit or any other training provider, you can add it all to your MOT Juice account and upload any documents along with it (such as certificates or images of the training) at no added cost.
Regardless of whether your training was e-learningTraining conducted via electronic media, typically on the internet, practical or classroom based, you can still record it all in your MOT Juice account.
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What’s the difference between Annual Training and CPD Training? 91% 9%

DVSA Training (or annual training) covers the topics set out by the DVSA each year which will account for the majority of the exam that year. This type of training can be done at any time throughout the curriculum year either spread out or in one 3 hour sitting.
CPD (or Continual Professional Development) covers a much broader range of training and covers anything an MOT Tester may be exposed to in their career. This is a requirement from the DVSA that across the curriculum year, 3 hours is completed on an ongoing basis. MOT Juice offers the CPD requirement in 15 minute modules each month covering topics not included in the Curriculum Training but are included in the exam.
Every Nominated Tester is required to do both of the above to fulfil the DVSA requirements.
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How much does the annual assessment cost? 88% 12%

£34.00 +VAT.
MOT Juice can supply you with your annual MOT assessment for just £34.00 +VAT. You can buy your exam through your MOT Juice account, or through our website.
To book your annual assessment as part of a recurring MOT Juice subscription – click here to subscribe.
To book your annual assessment as a one-off purchase – click here to book your exam.
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How long does it take to complete the assessment? 93% 7%

60 minutes.
Each assessment is made up of 30 multiple choice questions, with a time limit of 60 minutes. If you fail to complete the exam within the 60-minute time-frame, the exam will automatically stop and record your results.
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When do I need to complete the assessment by? 84% 16%

31st March.
Just like your annual training and CPD, every MOT tester will need to complete the annual exam before midnight on March 31st each year.
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What happens if I don’t complete the assessment on time? 81% 19%

Any MOT tester that does not complete and pass their annual exam before March 31st will be subject to suspension from testingYou will not be able to log any vehicle on for an MOT test, thereby removing your ability to conduct an MOT. by the DVSA. The DVSA systems automatically lookup who has registered their exam result in their MTS (MOT Testing Service) accounts and any tester that has not recorded their exam result will be unable to carry out any MOTs from 1st April.
To be able to return to testing, you will need to complete the full 3 hours of annual training and pass the annual assessment for the new curriculum year, as well as arrange and pass a demonstration test from DVSA. Subject to availability, it may take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months to be able to return to testing as a result of not passing an annual assessment in any training year.
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Can I pause the assessment and finish it later? 72% 28%

The DVSA requested any pausing ability to be completely removed from all annual assessments. All exams must be completed in one sitting.
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How do I update my MTS account with my exam certificate? 88% 12%

Your annual assessment is uploaded to your MTS account automatically.
With MOT Juice, your exam result will be automatically published to your DVSA MTS (MOT Testing Service) account. This means that you don’t need to manually record your result as this will be done for you. In order to do this, you will need to supply a matching DVSA ID, Name, and Date of Birth when taking your exam.
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Is there a free mock exam/assessment? 93% 7%

MOT Juice offers a completely free mock exam/assessment where you can test your knowledge of the current training curriculum and get an accurate score. Although we cannot promise you will pass your annual exam if you pass your mock exam, we do promise that it is on-topicThe mock exam will always be based on the same training & assessment topics for the current year as set by the DVSA. and a helpful way to testing your skills at zero cost. You can take a mock MOT exam/assessment here.
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How much does an MOT Juice subscription cost? 92% 8%

Prices start at just £7.99 per month.
MOT Juice offers a range of different packages to suit your business needs. Our Training and Exam packages start from just £7.99 per tester per month or just £69.99 per tester per year. Our MOT Juice VTS Tools (also known as our Compliance Suite) is offered at a retail rate from £299.90 per garage per year (or £29.99 per garage per month).
MOT Juice also has an offering of Platinum FeaturesOptional products that can be purchased to enhance your DVSA compliance (eg. Test Quality Information; Test Logs Analysis; Invoice Cross-Checking; and more) available to bolt onto your subscription at any time with prices starting from just £2.99.
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How does the 30-day free trial work? 90% 10%

You can open an MOT Juice account free for 30 days as part of our 30-day free trial.
Our free trial allows you to use the full MOT Juice system completely unrestricted and free for 30 days including 1 free training and CPD moduleA short segment (15 minutes) of the overall DVSA annual training course (3 hours) that focuses on a specific topic or objective. for each of your MOT testers.
There’s no requirement for any payment details when you open a free account, however you will need to add a payment method when you choose to upgrade to a paid subscription.
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What happens when my free trial expires? 89% 11%

Once your 30-day free trial has come to an end, you’ll have the option to choose whether or not to continue with MOT Juice on a paid subscription.
You’ll get to select the package that is best for you and your preferred payment plan. MOT Juice will not automatically bill you at the end of your trial period.
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Can I get a refund? 84% 16%

All our software is covered by our No Refund Policy. This is due to our software being provided as a service as it is paid for. Since we deliver the service instantly, we cannot offer any refunds.
Some of our products and some scenarios do allow us to issue refunds, however, these can only be judged on a case-by-case basis. If for any reason you wish to speak to one of our Support Team regarding an invoice, please call us on 01293 911 120.
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I’m not sure which subscription is best for me. Can I speak to someone? 93% 7%

Our team have worked with thousands of MOT centres just like yours and are always willing to help understand your business needs to pick the right MOT Juice subscription for you.
Simply call us today on 01293 911 120 to discuss your requirements. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we’re here to help.
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Which forms of payment does MOT Juice accept? 97% 3%

Bank Card, PayPal and BACS.
MOT Juice accepts payment from any UK and Ireland recognised debit/credit cards including American Express. Upon signing up to MOT Juice, you’ll need to provide a nominated debit/credit card which you want your payments to come from. MOT Juice will bill this card for all future invoices. You can change your nominated payment card at any time.
We also accept payment via PayPal. When using PayPal to pay for your MOT Juice subscription, you will be required to sign (electronically) a Billing AgreementAn agreement between you and PayPal whereby you authorise PayPal to set up a Recurring Payment with MOT Juice to allow the us to charge your PayPal Account. to ensure your subscription can be renewed.
If you would like to pay by Bank Transfer, please contact our Support Team on 01293 911 120.
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How does MOT Juice bill me for invoices? 89% 11%

MOT Juice will collect payment from your nominated payment debit/credit card you provide when you sign up. All payments are secure and encrypted across our servers and your data is handled with utmost security.
You will receive an email before a payment is taken which will confirm the amount payable and date it will be collected, with a copy of each invoice for your records. All your invoices are also stored in your MOT Juice account.
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How secure is my data? 93% 7%

All your data is hosted on MOT Juice dedicated secure servers and we never sell your data to third-partyA person or company besides the two primarily involved in a situation, especially a dispute. companies.
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Who can see my personal data? 91% 9%

Only you and certain employees of your company will be able to see your personal information. MOT Juice can also access this data in the event that we need to contact you, or help you out with a support request.
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What does MOT Juice do with my data? 88% 12%

MOT Juice uses your data to verify you as an individual. If you are an MOT Tester, your data is used to connect you with the DVSA systems in order to send over details of your annual assessment and training.
Our system also analyses parts of your data to understand more about you and how we can offer you tailored products and services.
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Can I see the GDPR Policy for MOT Juice? 87% 13%

Our GDPR Policy is covered in our Privacy Policy which can be viewed here.
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Can I see the Privacy Policy for MOT Juice? 90% 10%

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Can I opt-out of receiving emails? 84% 16%

Yes, but only certain ones.
As an active user of MOT Juice, you will automatically recieve emails about activity within your account, and tasks you need to complete. These emails cannot be opted out as they are a core service of our system, and included in your package.
There are certain emails you can opt out of, such as our marketing emails which aim to help make you aware of our other products. You’ll be able to use the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of these emails. Alternatively, you can contact us to remove you from our mailing lists.
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What are the MOT Juice VTS tools? 98% 11%

MOT Juice VTS Tools, also known as the Compliance Suite, is a range of products and solutions geared to help you as an MOT Centre owner or Site Manager take control of your MOT compliance.
The MOT Juice VTS Tools helps you take control of, and maintain, your DVSA compliance requirements from only £299.90/site per year (or £29.99/site per month).
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Should I really be reviewing my TQI (Test Quality Information)? 81% 19%

As stated in the MOT Testing Guide (Section E3) , MOT Testers “should access their Test Quality Information reports to compare their personal performance with the national averages.”
Your TQI is updated monthly, so you should be reviewing your TQI each month to ensure you note the valid reasons as to why your own personal performance may differ from the national average.
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Why do I need to review my MOT test logs every month? 84% 16%

You need to be aware of any anomaliesSomething that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. that could result in a DVSA sanction. Reviewing your Test Logs on a monthly basis gives you the ability to catch any issues and remedy them quickly and efficiently.
A common problem the DVSA encounter is where a different vehicle reg has been logged onto the MTS than the vehicle that is being tested (usually from mis-typing the vehicle reg). The DVSA could suspend you from testing as a result of this type of issue.
By reviewing your Test Logs each month, you’re allowing yourself to find any potential risks, and eliminate them before they become a problem. With MOT Juice, you just set the rules and our system will automatically analyse your data for you and highlight any MOTs that you should be concerned about.
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Why does MOT Juice want me to do more QC checks than DVSA say I need to? 78% 22%

QC checks on testers are a requirement of running an MOT garage. The DVSA specify the rules in the MOT Testing Guide (Section B6) and state that the “frequency of checks may typically be expected to be 1 per tester every 2 months.”
This however, is based on the average garage throughput of 2-3 tests per day for experienced testers. Therefore, if a tester is doing 4-6 tests per day, they should be expected to do a QC check once per month.
The MOT Juice QC checking system encourages all users to be achieving a minimum of 1 QC check per month, to ensure the highest possible standards, and to ensure maximum complianceThe ability to act according to an order, set of rules or request [of the DVSA]. with DVSA regulations.
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Why should I be doing site audits every month? 80% 20%

Conducting regular site audits are a great way to make sure your MOT Centre is compliant with a range of DVSA regulations. A lot of items tend to be forgotten about, and neglected but when a VE comes to visit, these items can really impact on your Site Assessment score, potentially leading to a suspension.
With the MOT Juice Monthly Site Auditing tool, you have the power to check everything a VE would, and ensure it is in a good working condition, and that there are no hazards around your MOT Centre, without having to rely on a third-party to make an appearance ‘once in a blue moon’.
Spend 30 minutes once a month conducting a site audit, identifying any problem areas, and work to resolve them before the following month and you’ll be on your way to running a healthy Vehicle Testing Station. Simply being able to identify a shortcomingA fault or failure to meet a certain standard (eg. tools not properly stored away). and evidencing how you plan to resolve it is great in the eyes of the DVSA.
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