Test Quality Information (TQI)

Easily and effectively review and monitor testing standards

Test Quality Information (TQI)

Easily and effectively review and monitor testing standards

What is Test Quality Information?

Test Quality Information (or TQI for short) is data held by the DVSA and published each month for each individual tester about their failure rates for each failure category (e.g. brakes, identification of the vehicle, steering etc). TQI data is used as a starting point to monitor and measure standards of testing.

It is a DVSA requirement for each MOT tester to review their TQI data each month as part of their ongoing requirements detailed in Section E3 of the MOT Testing Guide.

As part of the requirement to review TQI, testers should:
  Access TQI data reports each month;
  Compare personal performance with the national averages;
  Note reasons as to why personal performance differs from the national average.

The DVSA uses test quality information when preparing for site visits.

MOT Juice TQI Review System

At the start of each month, the MOT Juice system will automatically download and analyse your Test Quality Information from the DVSA MOT Testing Service. After analysing each testers’ TQI data, the system will highlight any areas of concern (for example, if your failure rates in a specific category (e.g Brakes) differ significantly from the national averages) using the Red, Amber and Green scoring system.

The MOT Juice TQI system is built to do the bulk of the legwork for you and your business. All that’s left for you to do is make regular notes against your TQI to evidence that you are reviewing it regularly.

TQI will give you access to the following information:
  The number of tests you have carried out in each month;
  The average age of vehicle tested;
  Your failure rate, your site’s failure rate and the national failure rate;
  Test durations;
  Component failure rates.

Your MOT Juice TQI system data will automatically pair up with your QC checking system to produce a better informed QC checking process.

Just because your failure rate is different to the national average, it does not mean you are doing anything wrong. It does mean that you should be able to identify the reason why you are different from the national average.

The MOT Juice system will automatically keep a record of your TQI for you, meaning all you need to do in the event of a VE visit, is click a button and your report is ready to download and/or print.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The DVSA require all MOT Testers to regularly check and review their TQI to compare their personal performance with the national averages. Reviewing your TQI data regularly helps to ensure you are testing to the correct DVSA standards and will help highlight any unusual differences in testing patterns.

This requirement is detailed in Section E3 of the MOT Testing Guide.


MOT Juice has developed a new TQI Analytics feature that allows MOT Site Managers and business owners to easily, quickly and effectively compare testing habits between individual testers, sites and divisions to track and unexpected testing patterns.

Our TQI Analytics feature comes as standard with all MOT Juice TQI subscriptions, and does not require any additional work (such as reviews or note taking) to use.

TQI Analytics helps to monitor Test Quality Information, control standards and reduce risk within your MOT business.


It is important to know that although your own failure rates might be significantly different to national averages, this does not automatically mean anything is wrong with your testing standards.

Even though you may be testing correctly, it is important to be able to understand why your failure rate is different, and be able to explain this to a VE if asked.

For example, if you test in a garage near the seaside your failure rate for corrosion may naturally be higher than that of a tester in Central London. Reviewing your TQI is all about identifying the genuine testing patterns from any potential suspicious or unexpected activity.


With MOT Juice, your site manager can see all testers’ TQI data as well as all the reviews that are, and are not, being completed.

Site managers cannot review a testers TQI data on their behalf, as it is the testers own responsibility to do this.

Born from the needs of data hungry MOT Juice clients needing better visibility of testing standards within their business, MOT Juice TQI Analytics converts the DVSA TQI data into a better visual representation.

With this feature, clients can easily and quickly compare individual MOT testers, sites and divisions against each other and/or the DVSA National Average.

MOT Juice TQI Analytics allows you to compare testing data such as:

  Tests done;
  Tests failed (%);
  Average vehicle age;
  Average testing time;
  All individual TQI failure categories (including Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Visibility and more).

This method of analysis allows our clients to spot any testing anomalies (or ‘spikes’) in their data, and quickly work on identifying the cause and, if needed, begin a review and process to control any risk posed to their MOT business.

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