MOT Invoice Cross-Checking

Automatically identifies non-invoiced MOTs each month

MOT Invoice Cross-Checking

Automatically identifies non-invoiced MOTs each month

What is Invoice Cross-Checking?

Invoice Cross-Checking is the practice whereby you check a sample of your completed MOT tests against your invoice records to try and find any instances where an MOT has not been paid for.

It is important that all MOTs being completed at your VTS has an invoice record to evidence that it has been paid for and is not fraudulent. Many fraudulent testers will accept cash and therefore not put it through the MOT invoicing system.

By cross-checking your MOT logs with your invoice records, you are:
  Protecting your MOT business against fraud;
  Maximising your business income;
  Ensuring your staff are using all systems correctly.

Vehicle Examiners (VEs) will ask to see evidence of how you are checking a sample of MOTs against your invoice records during a site visit.

MOT Juice Invoice Cross-Checking System

The MOT Juice Invoice Cross-Checking system allows you to upload a copy of your invoice data for each month and we’ll automatically compare it against your Test Log file for the same month and identify any MOTs that have been completed, but that have not been invoiced for.

This auto-analysis saves you a huge amount of time (and money) from having to manually download your test log data from your DVSA MTS account, and then compare both files. The MOT Juice system will analyse your data for you and present your results in a matter of seconds, showing only the MOTs you need to investigate all in an easy to read visual format.

With this system, you can analyse your data in multiple ways, including:
  Identify vehicle by REG;
  Identify vehicles by VIN;
  Include or ignore re-test MOTs (depending on whether you charge for them);
  Compare results for any previous months;
  Run a report for individual or all garages;
  Print and/or download the analysed results in either CSV or PDF format.

You can run as many invoice cross-checks as you want, whether that be daily, weekly or monthly. All you need to do is upload your invoice data and your MOT Juice Invoice Cross-Check system will take care of the rest.

Security is our priority
Naturally we understand that the security of your data is paramount. That’s why only you will ever be able to download a copy of your uploaded invoice data once you’ve uploaded it and run an analysis. We don’t allow any other of your account users to access this information, no matter what their role is. Only the person who uploads the invoice data is permitted to download it.

With the MOT Juice Invoice Cross-Checking system, you can be assured that you’ll be able to locate any missing revenue within your business at the click of a button and also ensure no MOTs are being done ‘off the books’.
prices starting at
Invoice Cross-Checking system starting from only £29.99 per VTS per month.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically it will take the MOT Juice system a few seconds to analyse your Invoice data with your MOT log data, and present the findings to you.

You can go back as far as when you subscribed to the Invoice Cross-Checking system.

As soon as you subscribe, your MOT logs will start to be synced with your MOT Juice account from that moment forward. This is the earliest date you’ll be able to do an invoice cross-check.

If you need to conduct an invoice cross-check for MOTs earlier than your subscription date, please contact our Support Team and we can arrange earlier MOT data to be available.

£29.99 per VTS per month, or £299.90 per VTS per year.

The Invoice Cross-Checking system comes bundled with the MOT Juice Test Log Analysis feature, giving you 2 products for the price of 1.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse our FAQ library here, or get in touch with us today.

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