Book an MOT Demonstration Test

All the information you need about arranging a demo test to become an MOT tester

You’ll need to book an MOT tester demonstration test with DVSA when you have received your level 2 MOT testing certificate, or if you are returning to testing (after a break or suspension).

There are 3 ways you can book your MOT tester demonstration test, these are:

Online (recommended)

In September 2022, the DVSA released a new form that you can complete to book your MOT demonstration test online. This is the easiest and most efficient method to book your demonstration test.
Use the following link to book an MOT demonstration test online.

By phone

You can phone DVSA Customer Service helpline to book a demonstration test for 1 or more MOT Testers. The DVSA suggest only using this option if you cannot complete the online form.
You can contact DVSA at the following number 0300 123 9000. Then select option 2, then option 4.
DVSA Customer Service is open Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 6pm. Waiting times can vary.

By email

You can also book your demonstration test by email by contacting the DVSA MOT Enquiries team.
You can send an email to DVSA Enquiries to arrange your demo test.
What information do I need?
When booking your MOT demonstration test, you’ll need:
  • Your MOT Testing Service (MTS) user ID (e.g. LENN0025);
  • The email address you use to sign into the MOT Testing Service;
  • The name and ID number of the MOT Centre of training centre you want to take your test at.
Who should book an MOT demonstration test?
You’ll need to arrange an MOT tester demo test if you:
  • Are a newly qualified MOT Tester;
  • Are returning to MOT testing after taking a break (between 6 months and 5 years);
  • Missed the annual training and assessment deadline.
Where can I take the demo test?
You can do the demonstration test at either:
  • The training centre where you took your qualification course;
  • An MOT Centre you work at.
What happens after I have booked my demonstration test?
Once you have submitted your request using any of the 3 methods above, the DVSA will contact you to arrange a test date. This will typically be within 10 working days (not including weekends or bank holidays), but can take anywhere up to 4 weeks.

If you’ve not heard from DVSA after 4 weeks, you should contact them either by phone or by email. You do not need to submit another form if you are contacting DVSA about an update of a demonstration test that has already been requested.
What is a demonstration test?
An MOT tester demonstration test is the final part of becoming an MOT Tester. It is a process where a DVSA Vehicle Examiner will come and observe you conduct a full MOT test to ensure you are doing it correctly and to the appropriate standards.

Once the VE is satisfied that you are capable of testing to the required standards, they will sign you off and you will become a fully qualified MOT Tester.

A demo test is also used in the event where a tester has taken a break from testing (between 6 months and 5 years) or has missed the annual training and exam deadline. The demonstration test in this case will ensure the tester has retained the ability to continue conducting MOT tests to the required standard.
You don’t have to pay for the demonstration test
You should only book your demonstration test through the DVSA directly (using any 1 of the 3 methods above), and you should not pay any fees to book your demo test.
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