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The MOT Juice platform delivers the DVSA Annual Training & CPD directly to your MOT Testers allowing them to complete their training online whilst recording results in real time.

Tired of sending your MOT tester 'off-site' or to complete their annual training? Looking for a solution that has zero impact upon your day-today operations? MOT Juice provides the annual DVSA training and CPD direct to your MOT Testers, sends reminders automatically and allows you, the business owner, to monitor progress in real time and at a glance. Annual Training & CPD ... Done!

Get the 'Big Picture' and let MOT Juice take care of the details!


MOT Juice can deliver the Annual Assessment Exam to all your testers so that they can complete it at anytime on any device that has an internet connection. Meaning that 'exam time' doesn't impact on your business!

With MOT Juice ensuring that your testers complete their annual assessment exam on time is a breeze. Exams can be bought as a standalone product or as part of one our exciting 'Bundle Packages' which make the training, CPD and exams even more cost effective. Results are delivered instantly along with certificates and pass codes for the DVSA. Annual Assesments ... Completed!

Complete control of QC Checking in your VTS with MOT Juice!

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Manage QC Checking with automatic scheduling, reminders & acknowledgment of QC Check results by your Testers. Plus online Paperless QC Checking !

QC Checks are an integral part of maintaining DVSA compliancy within your VTS, MOT Juice takes the strain by setting up QC Check schedules for each tester, automatically reminding you and the tester that a check needs to be done. All results can be stored inside the system along with any paperwork you may use so that you can recall them instantly in the event of a VE Site visit. QC Checks ... Sorted!

Complete control of QC Checking with MOT Juice!


Remembering when calibrations are due and where to find your most recent calibrations certificate when a VE visits can be a real pain. MOT Juice manages your calibration schedules & reminds you automatically when they are due!

How do you keep on top of your VTS equipment calibration schedules, contractors, due dates, certificates and ensuring your equipment is compliant at all times. MOT Juice allows you to get a tight grip on all your calibration and decommission and recommission vital equipment whilst keeping records up-to-date and even allows you store your certificates online for recall at the touch of a button. Equipment Calibrations ... Easy!

All your calibration certificates and data at your fingertips!

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Why pay a 3rd party to carry out Site Audits within your VTS when you can do it yourself from any device using MOT Juice's site auditing tool. Fully compliant with DVSA's risk scoring.

Many VTS owners know that site audits must be carried out regularly and MOT Juice makes completing, tracking and scheduling audits a breeze! Assign any person in your VTS to carry out the audit and ensure that you gain the best possible score on your next VE visit. Automatic reminders along with DVSA guidance & referencing and actions are all built-in too!

Complete control of QC Checking with MOT Juice!


Most customers looking at your website take just 3.2 seconds to make a buying decision. MOT Juice allows any VTS to launch a brand new fully customisable customer generating wesbite online in minutes.

Built to the latest code standards and completely engineered for Google Search Algorithms, your new MOT Juice website allows you to edit prices, contact information, opening times, social links, images, reviews, payment details and much much more and everything updates instantly! A local phone number is allocated to your site and all phone calls and bookings come directly to you and yet you can get all this customer pulling power for less the cost of an MOT Test! More New MOT Customers ... Result!

More new customers and a great web presence with MOT Juice!

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