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We’ve spent the last 10 years helping over 4,000 MOT business owners just like you improve their approach to DVSA compliance and annual MOT tester training.

Embrace the power and simplicity of MOT Juice in your business today. Free for 30 days & no credit card required.

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We have just had our site audit and passed it with flying colours. The auditor was very impressed with MOT Juice and how we are using it and keeping it up to date. A fantastic tool and a must for all MOT stations.

N. Blenkinsopp – JCT600 Castleford

A complete QMS for MOT testers, managers and business owners

“Had a VE visit today, all went well didn’t pick us up on anything at all. To say he was impressed with MOT Juice is an understatement”

Track MOT tester annual training progress

MOT Juice delivers all your annual DVSA tester training requirements, in an easy-to-use and stress free package.
Automatic delivery & recording of annual training.
Simple reporting & printing for VE auditing.
Upload & store all past training & exam records.
Monitor training progress over rolling 5-years.

Deliver compliance and control risk

Take back full control of your business and gain full visibility of all your DVSA compliance activities.
Effective solution to DVSA compliance.
Complete visibility of your entire MOT business.
Detailed risk management of testers and sites.
Pinpoint where risk is and how to eliminate it.

Effective reporting improves performance

Monitor all your activities from a single easy-to-use dashboard, and quickly identify areas for improvement.
Transparent reporting at your fingertips.
Track the health of your MOT business at a glance.
Automatically identifies risk areas and creates actions.
Saves you time to focus on running your business.

Simple and easy to use

Get set up in as little as 2 minutes. Managing your DVSA compliance requirements has never been easier.
Intuitive and easy to set up.
Unimited help & support included.
No installation and accessible anywhere, anytime.
Explainer videos to help get you up and running.

The MOT management software that enables you to track annual tester training and prioritise DVSA compliance

MOT Juice helps MOT centres be compliant without limitations. It’s an all-in-one compliance and training solution that MOT testers love to use, complete with data driven reporting to the management level users.

Annual Training & CPD

Easy to access 15-min modules are delivered monthly direct to each tester. View training on any device in any location 24/7. We send reminders and automatically record progress for VE inspection.

Explore Training & CPD

Annual Assessments

Annual tester exams are available through the MOT Juice platform complete with instant scoring and recording. See all your testers exam progress each year so you know who has passed and is, therefore, qualified to test.

Explore Annual Assessments

Tester Quality Control

QC assurance checks are initiated, completed and stored within the MOT Juice system. Detailed feedback and remedial activities are recorded for completion. Any action flagged must be acknowledged as completed by the tester.

Explore QC Checks

Test Logs Analysis

Creates automatic alerts for MOT testing anomalies based on custom test log filters. Complete with reporting, you can finally take control of MOT fraud and compliance within your business.

Explore Test Logs Analysis

Monthly Site Audits

Manage and control your site risk rating. Monthly site audits cover every aspect of your site mirroring a DVSA inspection. Log, record and action improvements to maintain and improve your MOT Centre.

Explore VTS Site Auditing

Test Quality Information

Automated analysis of testers’ monthly TQI data with clear reporting of tester reviews allowing you vital control in this critical area. An essential part of your business’s quality management systems.

Explore Test Quality Information

Online Booking Diary

Create a booking diary for each of your MOT bays. Each staff member can access the booking diary which is updated in real-time, meaning a zero chance of double-bookings. Complete with built in email & SMS reminders and VRM lookup.

Explore MOT Booking Diary

Key Performance Indicators

Gain instant performance insight across your entire business with respect to mandatory DVSA regulation. Drill down to see and report performance at garage and tester level to identify areas for improvement.

Explore Key Performance Indicators

Invoice Cross-Check

Automatically identifies any MOTs that have been carried out within your business that haven’t been invoiced for. Gain valuable insight into efficiency from tester to group level and find missing revenue.

Explore Invoice Cross-Checking

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The MOT Juice system works for MOT businesses employing 1 tester or more. There really is no limit to the number of testers you can add to your subscription. Whether you are a freelance tester looking for your annual training and exams, or you’re a business owner running 1 or more MOT Centres, MOT Juice has a subscription fit for your needs.


MOT Juice Lite is our offering for testers looking to buy their Training, CPD, Exams or any of our training courses without setting up a recurring subscription.

MOT Juice Lite puts you in complete control of your annual training and assessments, by allowing you to only pay for what you want, when you want it.

To get started, click here to create your free MOT Juice Lite account today.


MOT Juice is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, meaning you can keep your subscription active only for as long as you need. All our packages allow you complete flexibility to upgrade, downgrade or cancel whenever you want.

Your cancellation rights are detailed in our Terms and Conditions.


Our 30 day free trial allows you to sign up for a completely free account – no credit card required. This includes 1 free training module and 1 free CPD module for each of your testers. You will also get 30 days unlimited use of our DVSA Compliance Suite. This allows you enough time to get up and running without any costs to your business.

To start your 30-day free trial of MOT Juice, click here.

When your 30 day free trial ends you will still have access to all of your MOT Juice data. However you will need to select the features for your paid subscription and add a payment method. Once you choose your perfect MOT Juice subscription for your MOT business, all of your data will move across with you.


Whether you choose to pay by Credit/Debit card, PayPal or Bank Transfer, we use a secure payment gateway to process all transactions through our systems.

For Card payments, Stripe is a perfect partner as it complies with current regulations and allows for immediate purchasing of any training and exams your testers need, meaning zero waiting time. You can find out more about Stripe and their services here.

For PayPal payments, you get the peace of mind of buyer protection and your payment details never leave the PayPal system, meaning we can never access to your card or bank details.

For Bank Transfer payments, our system simply monitors our own bank account to ensure money has been received.

However you choose to pay, you can be rest assured that your details are always handled securely and are encrypted instantly.

MOT Juice is the most comprehensive and cost-effective MOT risk management solution available on the market that puts MOT business owners and professionals back in full control of their MOT compliance.

Our software provides all the tools necessary to monitor all your DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) compliance activities from a single online dashboard, as well as carry out a host of activities such as QC Checks, Site Audits, Annual Training & Assessments, Test Log analysis, Test Quality Information reviews and loads more.

Our tools are so effective, MOT Businesses across the UK are saving time and money with MOT Juice every day.

No other software on the market provides the level of visibility and control of your business like MOT Juice.

Over the last 9 years, we have been the number 1 choice for MOT business owners just like you wanting to improve their approach to DVSA compliance and annual MOT tester training.

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