Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

All your MOT compliance data in 1 powerful performance dashboard

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

All your MOT compliance data in 1 powerful performance dashboard

What are Key Performance Indicators?

Key Performance Indicators, or KPI for short, is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively an MOT Centre is achieving key DVSA compliance objectives (such as annual training, QC checks or equipment calibrations).

KPIs provide clear targets for your teams to shoot for, and insights that help people across your organisation make better decisions.

KPIs will allow you to:
  Keep your MOT management teams aligned;
  Provide a quick health check of your business;
  Make any necessary adjustments to your compliance activities;
  Hold your management teams accountable.

A good quality management system will provide KPIs that help your business move forward at a strategic and well-informed level.

MOT Juice KPIs

With your MOT Juice account, your KPI dashboard will effectively measure a range of your DVSA compliance activities, and quickly show you how well your business is performing in achieving those tasks.

Your KPI dashboard will allow you to see the overall performance of each compliance task, as well a conduct a full drill down into each VTS compliance and eventually down to individual testers. This allows you a granular level of control to identify and fix compliance issues within your MOT business.

The MOT Juice KPI dashboard monitors activities such as:
  Annual MOT tester training progress;
  Monthly MOT tester CPD training progress;
  Annual MOT tester assessment completion;
  VTS equipment calibration status;
  MOT tester TQI review progress;
  Overall business engagement with compliance activities.

The MOT Juice Key Performance Indicators cannot be “gamed” by account activity, meaning they are an accurate reflection of your business compliance with DVSA requirements. All activity being completed by your Site Managers and MOT Testers is logged in the MOT Juice system, meaning you can track what activity is not being completed.

By using your KPI dashboard to monitor your compliance activities regularly, you are ensuring your MOT centres are keeping on track with all their DVSA requirements, reducing risk within your business.
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KPI dashboard starting from only £11.99 per VTS per month.
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are currently 12 metrics you can monitor from your KPI dashboard:

  DVSA tester annual training;
  Tester CPD training;
  Tester TQI reviews;
  Equipment calibrations;
  MOT tester annual assessments;
  Overall account engagement;
  5-year DVSA annual training requirement;
  Boot camp training progress;
  Training course progression;
  Quality control check completion;
  MOT test log review completion;
  VTS site auditing status.

The MOT Juice KPI dashboard costs £11.99 per VTS per month, or £99.99 per VTS per year.

You can’t add more KPI metrics, but if you want to measure anything specific, please contact our Support Team who can help build a metric for you.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse our FAQ library here, or get in touch with us today.

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