Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

All your MOT Juice data in 1 powerful performance dashboard

Over time, your MOT Juice account can be a behemoth of data, and trying to keep track of things may eventually become more and more difficult. The MOT Juice KPI Analysis Dashboard collates all your account data into 1 easy to read page with effective reporting.

From monitoring tester training and CPD and easily see whether they’re on-track with their 3-hour DVSA requirement, to ensuring equipment calibrations are recorded on-time, your MOT Juice KPI dashboard is your go-to reporting assistant.

We built the Key Performance Indicator Dashboard to help you keep a track of what’s really important when trying to manage your MOT Centre:

– Year-to-date tester training progress;
– Year-to-date tester CPD progress;
– Month-on-month Test Quality Information progress tracking;
– Month-on-month MOT equipment calibration monitoring;
– Year-to-date annual assessment tracking;
– Month-on-month system interaction and engagement.

Your KPI Dashboard will help with the following:

Performance Drill-Down
This area of each KPI metric will help you quickly find your staff (and MOT Centres) with the best and worst performance and easily see which areas require urgent attention.

Progression Tracking
This is one of the most valuable tools in your KPI arsenal. Track your month-on-month progress this year, and see how you’ve improved in comparison to the last 3 years. The ability to evidence compliance is one thing, showing that you’re constantly improving is a whole other level that sets you apart from the rest!

Progression Tracking Monthly Drill-Down
Combine the last two items and you’ve got the ability to track granular data going back 3 years for each KPI metric. You can now access and evidence compliance in less than 3 clicks of a mouse (or 3 taps on your smartphone/tablet).

Get peace of mind that your MOT Centre is on track with all your DVSA compliance requirements with the MOT Juice KPI Dashboard.

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