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Lite Account

  Free get going in under 60 seconds
  • 1 hour of free Annual Training
  • 1 hour of free CPD Training
  • Record all training & exam history

Annual Exam

Only £34.00 per annual assessment
  • 1 free resit per purchase
  • No contracts or memberships
  • Choice of IMI or ABC exam


Prices start from £6.99 per month
  • Training, CPD & Exam available
  • Cancel anytime
  • 30 Day free trial

What is MOT Juice Lite?

MOT Juice Lite is our new offering to make managing your annual DVSA Training and Exams really easy, at an affordable price, without any added frills, subscriptions, memberships or any of that other annoying stuff! It’s your free online account to log all your annual MOT training, CPD and assessment records – past, present and future.

All new MOT Juice Lite accounts come with 1 hour of DVSA annual curriculum training as well as an additional 1 hour of the MOT Juice CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training as a ‘try before you buy’ – no obligations.

MOT Juice Lite puts you in control of your training and exams. Log your training and exams no matter who you choose to do it with. Keep all your records in one secure online location, with 1-click printing for easy VE proof.

Why MOT Juice Lite?

No contract or

No auto-renew

Cancel your account
at any time

Pay for what you want
when you want

Annual Training and Exams at Affordable Prices

3 hours of Annual Curriculum Training£26.99
3 hours of Monthly CPD Training£30
Annual Assessment (including 1 free resit)£33

MOT Juice Training Courses
With your MOT Juice Lite account, you have access to all of our great training courses to help build your professional training record.

All MOT Juice Lite accounts get unlimited access to our awesome Help & Support Team as well as free one-to-one video training sessions.

Get started with MOT Juice Lite today in less than 60 seconds.


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