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Testing procedures Closed

Child seats. To test, or not to test?

Voting closed on 31st December 2022
If the guidance states that you should (or could) check the visible parts of all child restraints fitted then this implies that as testers we should check the actual child seat belts, and if faulty then apply the appropriate fail criteria as we would with a regular seat belt or buckle. What would you do in this scenario?
Testing Procedures Closed

Flat spotted tyres – What would you fail them on?

Voting closed on 1st October 2022
Picture this: A vehicle comes in with a tyre heavily flat-spotted, so much so that it’s jumping around in the brake tester. There are no fails in the Inspection Manual for ‘tyre flat spotted’. What would you do?
Testing procedures Closed

Is this vehicle a class 4 or class 7?

Voting closed on 1st July 2022
Take a look at the attached image of a VIN plate from a 2.4 litre Toyota crew cab Hilux, with the rear seats removed to allow for tool storage. Would you MOT this as a class 4, or a class 7 vehicle?


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