Compliance Balanced Scorecard

Putting strategy and vision at the centre of your MOT business

Compliance Balanced Scorecard

Putting strategy and vision at the centre of your MOT business

What is a Balanced Scorecard?

The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management tool used by larger organisations to help focus on strategic measures in addition to traditional financial measures to get a more “balanced” view of performance.

Balanced scorecards provide a disciplined framework that gives businesses a way to ‘connect the dots’ between various components of strategic planning and management, meaning there is a visible connection between the activities people are working on, the measurements being used to track success (KPIs), the strategic objectives the company is trying to accomplish, and the mission; vision; and strategy of the company.

A good balanced scorecard is used to:
  Communicate what you are trying to accomplish;
  Align the day-to-day work that everyone is doing with strategy;
  Prioritise compliance activities;
  Measure and monitor progress towards strategic targets.

A compliance balanced scorecard should provide a comprehensive overview of all compliance data and activities.

MOT Juice Balanced Scorecard

More and more companies are focusing on compliance, and they are implementing a variety of strategies to do so. However, this is still no full view of all compliance data available. However, an organisations compliance must be communicated to a variety of parties, both inside (i.e. Testers, Site Managers, Board members etc) and outside (i.e. The DVSA, VE’s etc) the company.

Your MOT Juice Balanced Scorecard will allow you to easily report on key compliance activities, and monitor performance to ensure you are on track with all your obligatory DVSA requirements. With clear, effective communication of areas of poor performance, you can focus on improving the areas most putting your business at risk.

The MOT Juice Balanced Scorecard allows MOT businesses to:
  Monitor a range of DVSA compliance activities in a single screen;
  Sort their sites by rank, and focus on those performing poorly;
  Track each VTS rank over the past 6 months to monitor serial non-complianceRepeatedly failing to do the things that the DVSA expect and require of them (i.e. Quality Control Checks).;
  Ability to drill-down into granular detail in no more than 2 clicks.

Your balanced scorecard will provide a clear and well-informed picture of the health of your MOT business, especially when you’re tasked with operating and monitoring a large number of sites within your organisation.

The MOT Juice balanced scorecard was designed and built specifically for the needs of larger MOT businesses who need complete visibility of their DVSA compliance activities so they can implement a strategy that can work to reduce their risk throughout their business. However, the scorecard also works great for smaller businesses that need a quick snapshot of their compliance performance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The main benefit of a balanced scorecard is the fast visibility it gives you when managing a large number of tasks across multiple testing sites. At a quick glace, you get a snapshot of the health of your business, as well as who is performing well, and who isn’t.

This ability to see your business health within seconds means you spend less time viewing individual site reports and quickly understand who has outstanding compliance activists.


When we were building the MOT Juice Balanced Scorecard, our clients specified they need to be able to access information about what individuals have not completed their compulsory compliance tasks in a timely manner.

The balanced scorecard lets you gain access to this level of information in an average of 1-2 clicks. Within a couple of minutes, you have a well-informed understanding of the compliance and performance within your entire MOT business.


With the MOT Juice Balanced Scorecard, you can not only view the current rankings of your sites, but you can see their historical trends for the last 6 months. This let’s you track who’s improving; who’s letting standards slip; and who’s consistently poor (serial non-compliance).

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