Annual Training and Continued Professional Development (CPD)

3 hours of e-learning annual training in preparation for the annual assessment.

MOT Annual Training & Continued Professional Development (CPD)

3-hours of annual DVSA curriculum and ongoing training delivered online

What is Annual MOT Training?

Back in 2016, the DVSA introduced new rules around annual training which replaced the 5-year refresher course. It is now the MOT Testers’ responsibility to source and keep records of their own training every year between 1st April and 31st March.

Every MOT Tester must now:
  Complete at least 3 hours training each year (on specific topics set by the DVSA);
  Study/train on the significance and correct functioning of new features that are introduced on vehicle types that they are likely to be asked to test;
  Keep a record of completed training (must be shown to a VE on a site visit);
  Log their annual training session(s) on your MTS profile.

You can find out more about the 2024-25 annual training and assessment topics here.

Your MOT testing status is at risk if you do not complete a minimum of 3 hours of annual DVSA training before March 31st .

MOT Juice Annual Training

For MOT Testers
With MOT Juice you can get all your annual tester training done online, in small manageable e-learning modules each month. This removes the need to send your testers to an MOT training centre for the day. All training is recorded in one secure online account that can be accessed by you from anywhere, any time.

For MOT Site Managers
We have developed a fully functional online training software platform. This allows VTS owners to manage, track and control the training for their MOT testers. Our software works for a range of businesses from individual (freelance) testers, garages with just 1 tester all the way up to national brands with numerous testers.

The MOT Juice e-learning and CPD training platform includes all of the following features:
  Compulsory & additional training delivered online;
  Instant results & scoring;
  Online research documents included;
  Automatic monthly training module delivery;
  Identification of what training sessions you have uploaded to your MTS profile;
  Peer-to-peer learning through the MOT Juice TribeA fully inclusive community of all MOT Juice users who take part in, and contribute to, CPD training content. community;
  All delivered online (PC, tablet and mobile compatible);
  Late/missed notifications.

The MOT Juice platform also allows MOT Testers to input all their training history, along with uploads of any certificates into their accounts. This is added to the automatically generated MOT Juice training record, which can be downloaded by the individual tester(s) and/or the MOT Centre Site Manager(s), to quickly and easily evidence a comprehensive training log, to any DVSA Vehicle Examiner.

Completing your MOT Juice training and CPD modules each month helps to retain professional knowledge better and prevents wasted time associated with lengthy classroom based sessions.
prices starting at
Annual DVSA MOT Training prices starting from only £26.99 per tester per year.
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Free annual MOT tester training resources
View the 2024-25 Annual Assessment topics
Click here to view the 2024-25 annual assessment topics online.
Download training log template for recording your training sessions
Click here to download a free annual training record template.

Frequently Asked Questions

31st March .

The DVSA Annual Training & Assessment year runs from 1st April to 31st March (for example 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025).

Yes. When you complete an MOT Juice Training module or add a record of previous/external trainingYou can log all your historic training records and training done with other providers in your MOT Juice account., this will be automatically logged onto a training log for you ready to print whenever you need it.

The MOT Juice training logs comply with the DVSA requirements by displaying all of the following information:

  The MOT annual training year (for example April 2024-March 2025);
  The date of the training session(s);
  How long the training session lasted (for example 30 minutes);
  What topic(s) you covered during the session (for example Corrosion Assessment);
  Notes on what you learned;
  How the training was carried out (for example e-learning);
  What vehicle group/classes your training covered (for example classes 4&7);
  Your name and MOT Testing Service user ID.

Yes. All your training records are logged and stored in your own personal MOT Juice account, so whenever you move to another MOT station you will always retain access to your MOT Juice account and your training records.

When you move testing locations, all you need to do is log into your MOT Juice account and you’ll have access to all your training records (past and present) ready. There’s no cost to retain your training records, so you can keep using your MOT Juice account to keep all your training logs online, secure and all in one place.

E-learning is ideal for those who require flexibility, convenience and the ability to learn at their own pace. E-learning is more cost-effective, and can provide learners with access to rich multimedia content that enhances the learning experience and help to improve retention.

MOT Juice offers a variety of training packages to suit your needs. Our training packages start from just £26.99 per tester per year.

If you’re buying for yourself as an MOT Tester, you can see our pricing options here.

If you’re buying for multiple testers as part of an MOT Centre, you can see our pricing options here.

If you’re shopping around to find the best value annual DVSA training and assessment packages, you can use our handy DVSA training provider comparison page here.

Failure to complete the DVSA required training in a given year will put the tester at risk of being suspended from testing by the DVSA.

The DVSA have the right to withdraw any MOT tester’s licence to test if they discover a tester has not completed and recorded a minimum of 3 hours of training each year.

DVSA Training (or annual training) covers the topics set out by the DVSA each year which will account for the majority of the exam that year. This type of training can be done at any time throughout the curriculum year either spread out or in one 3 hour sitting.

CPD (or Continual Professional Development) covers a much broader range of training and covers anything an MOT Tester may be exposed to in their career. This is a requirement from the DVSA that across the curriculum year, 3 hours is completed on an ongoing basis. MOT Juice offers the CPD requirement in 15 minute modules each month covering topics not included in the Curriculum Training but are included in the exam.

Every Nominated Tester is required to do both of the above to fulfil the DVSA requirements.

You and the business you work for can be suspended from MOT testing if you do not record your training on the MOT Testing Service.

This means if you have not recorded any, or have not logged all 3 hours of annual training on your MTS profile, this will affect your ability to test following the annual training deadline of 31st March.


MOT Juice allows each MOT Tester to upload all their MOT Training records to their personal profile, regardless of which training provider supplied the training.

This facility allows testers to keep all their training records in a single, secure location as well as easily print off a full 5-year training history when asked by a visiting VE – making compliance super easy.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse our FAQ library here, or get in touch with us today.

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