Annual MOT Assessments

Complete your annual MOT assessments (with 1 free resit)

Are you confused about the DVSA requirements for tester training and exams? We can help. The MOT Juice VTS software suite complies with and addresses all of the current and changing DVSA regulations. It is really easy to get started. We even have a full range of support services, screen-share coaching and training videos, explaining how to use the system.

As the current DVSA regulations came into force in 2016, we all know that our MOT testers are now required to complete a minimum of three hours training per year, continuing professional development (CPD), as well as sit and pass a yearly assessment.

The MOT Juice system manages, delivers, scores and tracks all of the DVSA required training and assessments, for your nominated MOT testers. Stored completely online, making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our system allows you to purchase the annual DVSA assessment at a competitive rate. Your MOT testers sit their assessments and the results are retained, alongside your annual tester training and CPD. This functionality means that all of your quality assurance is held in one, easy to use, comprehensive system.

Each of your MOT testers will be provided with a login, to allow them access to their account. This allows the testers to access their account, at any time, on any device with an internet connection, to complete their training and assessments.

The annual assessment is delivered, marked and stored completely and instantly online. This can be purchased separately, or alongside regular monthly training modules. Once purchased, our system will automatically send a reminder to your testers, to inform them that they have a new assessment in their account, ready to complete.

Find out more about the 2021-22 annual MOT assessment topics here.

Subscribing to the Annual Assessment package with MOT Juice provides all of the following:

– Annual assessment delivered online;
– Buy 1 exam, get 1 free re-sit if you fail;
– Late/missed exam notifications;
– Date tracking of exams taken;
– Upload your exam certificates and store them all online;
– Exam results automatically (and instantly) sent over to DVSA MOT Testing Service.

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Annual assessment questions and answers

We get asked this question a lot, every year. Testers naturally want to see what the questions are for the exam and whether they got them right, or wrong.
Unfortunately, the DVSA don’t allow any exam provider to provide a breakdown of the questions and answers in order to prevent any ‘cheat sheet’ being created and shared within the industry.

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