MOT Emissions Sample Checking

Run cross-checks over a sample of MOT logs to ensure emissions testing is being conducted properly

MOT Emissions Sample Checking

Run cross-checks over a sample of MOT logs to ensure emissions testing is being conducted properly

What is Emissions Sample Checking?

Emissions Sample Checking is the practice of taking a sample of your completed MOTs each month (we recommend checking 10% of your MOTs) and ensuring there is a record of the emissions report to pair with the MOT log. This activity will help detect any MOTs where the emissions check is not being conducted either as it should, or at all. Conducting a cross-check also helps ensure emissions records are being stored for at least 3 months, as well as being readily retrievable making a VE visit less painful as you’ll have already done the necessary checks.

Following the DVSA notification published on 6th September 2023, if emissions records are not available [during a VE visit] then this will be considered as though the emission test was not conducted. This means that for each test that you cannot find the emissions results for, the MOT tester who conducted the MOT test is exposed to 30 disciplinary points.

Completing emission sample checks will help you to:
  Ensure all relevant MOT records have a matching emissions record;
  Identify any emissions records that are not being recorded properly, and investigate why;
  Be confident that you are meeting the DVSA requirements surrounding emissions records.

The AE and MOT Tester(s) risk facing disciplinary and cessation if emissions recording and storage does not meet DVSA requirements

MOT Juice Emissions Sample Checking System

The MOT Juice Emissions Sample Checking system automatically generates a random sample of test logs for you to check emission records for each month. The amount generated can be controlled by the account holder to either be a fixed number (e.g. 20) or a percentage of the total tests completed (e.g. 10%). When the system has generated some test logs for you to review, you’ll need to go and check that there is an emissions record available for the MOT test.

As part of the review process, you’ll have the ability to:
  Specify whether an emissions record is available or not;
  If a temperature was successfully recorded at the time of test or not;
  Log any notes/comments and any action points as a result of the review process;
  Upload copies of the emission records for future reference and evidence.

All this allows you to prove to a visiting VE that you are conducting all the necessary checks in-house so that the moment something isn’t right, you’re well placed to take action before DVSA do.

With MOT Juice, you can set custom parameters for your emission sample checking, such as:
  How many test logs to check each month (fixed number or percentage);
  Require emission document uploads as part of the review process;
  Enter the temperature reading recorded on the emissions record, evidencing a successful check;
  Record notes, comments and actions as a result of the review stage.

You can also initiate additional cross-checks each month to check a new sample of test log data. This allows you to go above and beyond the minimum requirement, and check even more of your MOT logs have a relevant emissions report available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s recommended that you check a sample of your MOT logs to ensure that you have emissions records for each MOT that is completed at your VTS.

The reason for this is to ensure you don’t risk having your testing status/authorisation ceased by DVSA if, during a site visit, the VE finds that some of your emissions records are missing, incomplete (e.g. temperature reading not recorded) or not accessible.

On 6th September 2023, DVSA published a new notification to all MOT Testing staff to make them aware of the issues of not storing or recording emissions records correctly.

Specifically, within this notification the DVSA make it clear that if, during a site visit, a VE can’t access emissions records, then they will treat this exactly the same as if the MOT tests have not had an emissions test and will put the MOT tester(s) and site at risk of cessation.

DVSA go on to say "There is no excuse for not conducting emissions tests, and possible faulty equipment, or supposed lack of knowledge of equipment not storing information, will not be considered mitigation in any disciplinary case".

You can read the full DVSA notification on emissions here.

There is no official guidance from the DVSA on how many MOT logs you need to be checking, however MOT Juice advises to check no less than 5% of your total MOTs each month.

By checking a sample of 5% each month, this means if you complete a total of 200 tests in a month, you’d only need to be checking 10 MOT records.

By checking a random sample of your MOT logs, you’re evidencing to the DVSA and VE that you are being proactive in ensuring there’s no risk of fraudulent activity at your site, as well as verifying that your emissions testing equipment is not faulty and testing staff are using it properly.

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