MOT Juice Tribe

Learn more about the MOT Juice Tribe, what it is and how to join.

MOT Juice Tribe

Learn more about the MOT Juice Tribe, what it is and how to join

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What is The MOT Juice Tribe?

MOT testing can be a lonely job but what if you were part of a Tribe of over 15,000 MOT testers who share knowledge, and answer questions for one another.

Best of all the MOT Juice Tribe shares insider information on a monthly basis. Imagine if you knew what Vehicle Examiners were picking on because the Tribe shared knowledge with one another… Then next time a VE arrives at your MOT bay you will already be one step ahead.

The MOT Juice Tribe is great for MOT site managers and MOT business owners too… You simply can’t know everything all the time and with the MOT Juice Tribe you have the knowledge and support of other like-minded folks.

The MOT Juice Tribe Forum

Being part of the MOT Juice Tribe means you’ve got access to an exclusive forum allowing you to easily connect with all other Tribe members, and have your say on a wide variety of industry matters, such as training, exams, VE habits, testing standards and much more.

Our forum has been built so that MOT professionals and like-minded people nationwide have a platform to connect with each other and have access to the best information. It also offers a place for engaging conversations and casting your own opinions.

To access the Tribe Forum, you must be logged into your MOT Juice account. Click here to log in and access the Tribe Forum.

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