Equipment Calibration & Maintenance Scheduling

Keeping track of calibration and documents just got a whole lot easier

The MOT Juice Equipment & Calibrations Management System, tracks and manages all your required VTS Test Equipment and calibration schedules at the touch of a button.

Just like the old VTS system you can add and remove equipment, you can also scan in your calibration certificates and log & visually track all your calibration due dates and most importantly, the MOT Juice system will send you automated reminders when any calibrations are due.

When developing this system we added all the functionality that is required to easily track and manage those vital calibration dates plus equipment commissioning and decommissioning. We also created an easy to understand overview of your equipment calibrations and importantly create a report for DVSA instantly.

Your MOT Juice Calibration system will help with all of the following:

– Track which bits of equipment need calibrating and when;
– Automated reminders when equipment is coming up for calibration;
– Online storage of calibration certificates;
– Build up a calibration history;
– Online storage of equipment manuals;
– Commission/decommission equipment.

Using the MOT Juice VTS system allows all registered MOT test stations to set up, record and carry out their obligatory Equipment Calibration requirements for equipment such as:

– Brake roller;
– Headlamp aim checker;
– Gas analyser;
– Fire extinguishers & alarms;
– MOT ramps;
– Tyre guages;
– And much much more.

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