MOT Equipment Calibration & Maintenance Scheduling

Keeping track of calibrations and documents just got a whole lot easier

MOT Equipment Calibration & Maintenance Scheduling

Keeping track of calibrations and documents just got a whole lot easier

What are equipment calibrations?

As an Authorised Examiner of an MOT Centre, you must ensure all your testing equipment is calibrated at all times. Different types of equipment will need calibrating at different periods, for example a Headlamp Aim Checker should be calibrated at least once every 6 months, whereas a Decelerometer should be calibrated at least once every 24 months.

The DVSA requirements surrounding MOT Test equipment states:
  Calibration records (including certificates) must be kept for a minimum of 2 years;
  Calibration records must be readily retrievableRecords kept in such a manner that, upon request, can be produced for review within a reasonable time (for example 24 hours). in either digital or hard copy format;
  The AE is required to ensure all calibrations are carried out when required;
  MOT testing must stop if any mandatory equipment malfunctions or is out of calibration.

It is the AE’s responsibility to provide valid calibration records to DVSA staff. Failure to produce these records will result in the application of sanctions detailed in Appendix 8.4 of the MOT Testing Guide.

Testing vehicles with any major equipment known to be out of calibration is subject to a 500 point DVSA sanction.

MOT Juice Equipment Calibration & Maintenance System

We have developed a system to help AEs and SMs manage their garage equipment calibration, maintenance and defect records. Our system allows you to track when testing equipment calibrations are due meaning you’ll be able to keep on top of all your MOT equipment and reduce the risk of DVSA sanctions.

Just like the old VTS system you can add and remove equipment, you can also scan in your calibration certificates and log & visually track all your calibration due dates and most importantly, the MOT Juice system will send you automated reminders when any calibrations are due.

Your MOT Juice Calibration system will help with all of the following:
  Track which bits of equipment need calibrating and when;
  Automated reminders when equipment is coming up for calibration;
  Online storage of calibration certificates for easy retrieval;
  Generate a QR code to stick on your equipment for fast information access;
  Online storage of equipment manuals;
  Maintenance and defect log to track equipment repairs.

When developing this system we added all the functionality that is required to easily track and manage vital calibration dates plus equipment commissioning and decommissioning. We also created an easy to understand overview of your equipment calibrations and importantly create a report for DVSA instantly.

Equipment Manuals
You can also store all your equipment manuals on your MOT Juice account, so that all employees within your MOT Centre have easy and quick access to all the operating instructions for each piece of testing equipment.
MOT Juice has built a library of MOT Equipment Manuals, helping to make it easier to find operating instructions for your testing equipment.
You can browse our library of equipment manuals here.
Maintenance Records
You’ll be able to log maintenance on all your equipment, to help provide you with an audit trail of what has been fixed and when. You’ll be able to upload documents relating to each maintenance record, further improving your quality management system (QMS).
Defect Logs
You’ll be able to log an equipment defect and track it through all the way to resolution. Complete with notes and file uploads, you’ll be able to build a full audit trail for any equipment defects, protecting you and your staff if anything goes wrong at any stage.
QR Code Generation
1-click generate and print a unique QR code for each piece of your MOT equipment, so that you can attach it to your equipment and easily scan it to view your equipment details, manual, and calibration certificates.
compliance suite starting at
VTS Compliance Suite includes Equipment Calibrations, QC Checking and Site Audits.
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Equipment Calibration Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions


MOT Juice does not conduct any calibration services on your equipment, but we do supply a tool for you to log all your calibration records; store calibration documents, certificates and operation manuals online; log defect & maintenance records and track when your MOT equipment is next due for calibration.

Yes. As detailed in Appendix 2 section 4 of the MOT Testing Guide, “all testing equipment must be kept in good order and measuring apparatus must be calibrated regularly in accordance with DVSA’s requirements. In all cases calibration records must be kept for a minimum of two years.

You must therefore have a facility to help you store your calibration documents for at least 2 years, and be able to provide the DVSA Vehicle Examiner with copies of calibration records when asked.


The DVSA are happy for your calibration records to be kept in a digital format, providing they are readily retrievable. As per Appendix 2 section 5 of the MOT Testing Guide, “Calibration records may be retained digitally or as a hardcopy”. Therefore a VE cannot punish you simply for opting to retain your documents in an electronic format. They can punish you for not retaining the required documents dating as far back as is required.

Keeping your calibration records stored digitally provides a great advantage of being able to easily obtain a copy of your certificates without needing to contact the calibration company as well as giving access to all testing staff without giving them a key to the filing cabinet.


With MOT Juice, you can upload a copy of your equipment operating instructions to your account so that you can easily access the manual without having to keep a hard copy on-site.

Keeping your equipment manuals stored in your MOT Juice account also allows you to comply with the DVSA requirements that state you must have the operating instructions available for pieces of your MOT equipment.

As detailed in Section D of the MOT Testing Guide, it is a DVSA requirement that you have access to the operating instructions for all your MOT equipment readily available – whether that be printed or electronic.

You can generally find your equipment manuals online with a quick Google Search, but in most cases this can be a fairly lengthy process.

Here at MOT Juice, we’re all about making your lives easier, so we’ve put together a library of MOT equipment manuals so that you an easily and quickly find exactly what you need, to then download and keep securely. Even if we don’t have it, you can send us a request and we’ll do all the leg work to find the equipment manual(s) you need.

You can browse our library of equipment manuals here.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse our FAQ library here, or get in touch with us today.

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