Site Manager Awareness Course

A complete guide to the basics of the Site Manager role and running an MOT Vehicle Testing Station

Course Description

MOT Juice has compiled this Site Manager Awareness Course to help all new, existing and upcoming Site Managers get to grips with the world of DVSA compliance and requirements for running an MOT Centre in the 21st century and learn more about their overall responsibilities of being an MOT Site Manager.

During this course, Barry will guide you through, step by step, the DVSA requirements for being a Site Manager, how to ensure you are compliant and how to correct anything that has fallen behind.

Using the DVSA Manage Your MOT Centre guide as a template, you’ll cover all aspects on how to efficiently run your MOT Centre, including:

– How to use and interpret Test Quality Information;
– How to monitor tester training and assessments;
– How to record and securely store information about your MOT equipment;
– How to monitor, reduce and control your risk rating;
– Fix issues highlighted by the DVSA on a VE visit;
– And much more.

Our Site Manager Awareness Course is delivered fully online and consists of 17 easy to digest modules with short video lessons, which can be completed alongside the working day. Each student will be required to prove application of learning through a series of questions.

At the end of each learning module, you’ll be given some actions to undertake to ensure you can evidence what you have learnt, and why it is important – all in time for your next VE visit.

Course Summary

8.5 hours

17 lessons

For classes 1-7


Lesson Breakdown

#00 – Introduction
#01 – Simple, Clear & Effective Processes
#02 – Business Information
#03 – Data Protection
#04 – Employ Site Managers
#05 – MOT Policies
#06 – Test Quality Information
#07 – Check MOTs
#08 – MOT Staff
#09 – Training & Assessments
#10 – Security Checks
#11 – Equipment
#12 – House Keeping
#13 – Equipment Changes
#14 – Risk Rating
#15 – Site Reviews
#16 – Course Summary

Course Outcomes

8.5 hours of guided learning with practical application guidance.
Learn how to meet and exceed DVSA compliance requirements.
A full understanding of MOT roles, who is responsible/accountable and when.
Certificate as proof of learning.
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