Quality Control (QC) Checks

Record all your monthly quality control checks with the MOT Juice system

The MOT Juice VTS QC system provides you with an easy to understand overview panel, so that you can view all your MOT tester QC records. You can see who is up to date and who is not, with their monthly QC checks. This allows You as an MOT business owner, to easily control and monitor your internal performance.

Our system is accessed completely online, so it is available anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. This means that you could be out somewhere, but still be able to monitor what is happening in your VTS.

We built the MOT Juice QC system to be incredibly easy to use, flexible and report effectively. The MOT Juice QC system addresses all the needs of a VTS Centre, PLUS the needs of a Vehicle Examiner, including:

– Monthly Quality Control check reporting;
– Various QC methods built in;
– Allows testers to ‘acknowledge’ each of their QC checks;
– Additional checks depending on testing volumes;
– Printer friendly reporting.

Our system comes with 3 methods of QC checking built in:

Routine/Observed Checks

These checks allow you to use a smartphone or tablet and complete a checklist in real-time, whilst watching a tester conduct an MOT Test. The system will automatically score and advise on any areas missed by the tester, allowing you to record any notes and action points, to be addressed for the next QC check.

Re-Tested Checks

A highly recommended method of QC checking (and one employed by Vehicle Examiners) are our re-tested checks. Where a tester has already conducted an MOT Test and the vehicle is still on site, the QC checker re-tests the vehicle and compares the results of the two tests.

Recorded Checks

If you use your own documents and processes internally, you can simply record this data into your MOT Juice account, as well as upload copies of any documents.

Using all 3 of these quality control methods regularly, you will be able to evidence a strong QC procedure within your VTS Centre.

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