Quality Control (QC) Checks

Record and store all your monthly quality control checks

Quality Control (QC) Checks

Record all your monthly quality control checks with the MOT Juice system

What are Quality Control checks?

Quality Control (QC) Checks (also known as Quality Assurance (QA) Checks) are a method of checking the MOT testing quality and correct testing standards across your MOT Centre. A QC check is conducted most commonly by having 1 MOT tester watch another MOT tester complete an MOT Test, and document whether or not the test was completed properly and in accordance with the DVSA Inspection Routine.

A quality control check should aim to identify:
  Whether the tester is applying the correct MOT inspection routine;
  Whether the tester is using the correct testing standards;
  Whether the tester requires any additional training.

Anyone who is carrying out an assurance check MUST be trained as an MOT tester and hold a Level 2 qualification in MOT testing (or equivalent) for the appropriate class and comply with the requirements for annual training and assessments.

You must keep a record of each QC completed on all MOT testers, which should also include acknowledgement from the tester being checked.

MOT Juice QC Checking System

The MOT Juice Quality Checking system provides you all the tools to efficiently conduct monthly QC checks on all your MOT testers. With a built-in easy to understand overview panel, you can view all your MOT tester QC records (past and present).

At the touch of a button, you’ll be able to see who is and who is not up to date with their monthly QC checks. This enables you, as the business owner, to easily control and monitor your internal performance.

The MOT Juice QC system addresses all the needs of a VTS Centre, PLUS the needs of a Vehicle Examiner, including:
  Monthly quality control check reporting;
  Checks are driven/informed by TQI data, producing more bespoke and thorough checks;
  A variety of qc methods built in;
  Allows testers to ‘acknowledge’ each of their QC checks;
  Additional checks depending on testing volumes;
  Printer friendly reporting.

The MOT Juice system comes with 3 methods of QC checking built in:

Observed/Routine Checks
These checks allow you to use a smartphone or tablet and complete a checklist in real-time, whilst watching a tester conduct an MOT Test. The system will automatically score and advise on any areas missed by the tester, allowing you to record any notes and action points, to be addressed for the next QC check.
Re-Tested Checks
A highly recommended method of QC checking (and one employed by Vehicle Examiners) are our re-tested checks. Where a tester has already conducted an MOT Test and the vehicle is still on site, the QC checker re-tests the vehicle and compares the results of the two tests.
Recorded Checks
If you use your own documents and processes internally, you can simply record this data into your MOT Juice account, as well as upload copies of any documents.
Void Checks
Voiding a QC check is not a ‘method’ for QC checking, but this does allow you the ability to specify reasons why a QC check could not be completed on an individual tester in a given month, including:
     – Holiday (including maternity/paternity leave);
     – Long-term Sick leave;
     – Tester reviewed TQI instead;
     – No MOT tests completed;
     – Furlough.
compliance suite starting at
VTS Compliance Suite includes QC Checking, Site Audits and Equipment Calibrations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The MOT Testing Guide states the following:

The frequency of checks may typically be expected to be 1 per tester every 2 months. However, this is based on the average garage throughput of 2 to 3 tests per day for experienced testers – so should be varied to reflect the volume of tests done or any other special circumstances – such as the experience of testers. For example, if a tester is inexperienced or doing twice the average of 2 to 3 tests per day you should consider increasing the checks to once a month.
Source: MOT testing guide section B6

Each tester must have a QC check completed on then at least once every 2 months (more if their average test volume exceeds 2-3 tests per day). You should always aim to complete a QC check on each tester when practically possible.

However, there may be scenarios where a tester is not around to be QC checked, such as long term holiday or sick leave. Whatever the scenario, you should aim to QC check the tester either before they leave, or as soon as they return.

You can use the MOT Juice QC Checking system to keep a record of the reason(s) why a tester was unable to be QC Checked in a given month, allowing you to retain a robust audit trail and evidence these records to a visiting VE.

Any MOT tester is allowed to conduct a QC check on a fellow MOT tester. DVSA do advise appointing your most senior MOT Tester as your quality controller, however this is just advice and not mandatory, and you (the AE) are responsible for employing and managing a robust quality assurance process.

You are not allowed to QC check a tester on a vehicle class that you are not qualified to test yourself. For example, if you are qualified only to test vehicle classes 4&7, you are not allowed to QC a tester who is testing a class 1 vehicle.

Many MOT Centres up and down the UK only have 1 tester, whether this is permanent or just temporary. If this applies to you it’s important that you do not ignore the DVSA Quality Control regulations.

In these circumstances, there are a couple of solutions available to you that are accepted by the DVSA. These are:

1 – You can collaborate with another local MOT station and have one of their testers QC you, and vice-versa;

2 – You could employ the services of a third-party assessor to complete a QC check on you;

3 – Review your Test Quality Information (TQI) once per month to check your own performance against the national averages, noting reasons for differences and any action taken if appropriate.

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