MOT Test Logs Analysis

Create custom alerts to monitor high-risk, fraudulent & suspicious testing activity

MOT Test Logs Analysis

Create custom alerts to monitor high-risk, fraudulent & suspicious testing activity

What is Test Log Analysis?

Test Log Analysis is the practice of combing through your MOT test log data each month (in detail) and identifying any tests that are out of the ordinary. As a responsible AE you are lawfully accountable for ensuring that statutory MOT testing at your VTS(s) are carried out to the required standard and in the manner instructed by DVSA.

This can include, but is not limited to, checking to ensure all MOTs being conducted are actually logged on-site (rather than at home or abroad), or tests are not being completed faster than they should (in a time-frame that does not allow for a full and thorough test to be completed).

When analysing your test logs, you should be checking:
  All MOTs are logged on and off at your premises;
  Retests are taking a reasonable length of time to test previously failed items;
  All tests are being conducted within your business operating hours.

The DVSA uses test log information when preparing for site visits.

MOT Juice Test Log Analysis System

The MOT Juice Test Log Analysis system automatically downloads your MOT test log data each month and analyses it for you. The system will then notify you of any MOTs that match each of your test log filters, allowing you to dig deeper and conduct a review.

This auto-analysis saves you a huge amount of time (and money) from having to manually trawl through hundreds of MOT records each month for each item you want to look for – MOT Juice does this all for you, for all your test log filters, in a matter of seconds.

With MOT Juice, you can create as many filters you need that analyses data fields including:
  Test day (i.e. Monday, Saturday, Sunday etc);
  Vehicle make (i.e. Ford; Vauxhall, Mercedes etc);
  Test type (i.e. normal test or retest);
  Result (i.e. passed, failed, aborted etc);
  Test duration (i.e. is shorter than, or is longer than etc);
  Time between tests (i.e. is less than, or is more than etc);
  And many many more.

You can combine as many rules as you need in order to monitor your Test Logs on a granular level. For example, you can create a filter that works like this:

Show me all MOTs that took longer than 60 minutes to complete, resulted in a pass, was a normal type of test and is a class 4 vehicle.
an example of an mot juice test log filter

By default, our system comes packed with 7 pre-defined filters to get you up and running. These filters can help highlight any suspicious activity according to typical DVSA trends, but you can also create as many custom filters as you want that highlights any MOTs that go against your own internal company policies.
Our pre-defined filters include:

IP address variants
This filter will highlight whether an MOT was logged on at 1 IP address and logged on on another IP address. This is the filter used by the DVSA to track whether MOTs are being completed at a testers’ house, or in a different country.
Original and retest tester is different
This filter will quickly show you any retests that have been completed by a tester that did not do the original MOT test. The DVSA would like for the original tester to also be the one who does the retest wherever possible.
Retests quicker than 60 seconds
This filter will highlight any MOT retest that is being completed too quickly. Typically, a retested MOT should be logged on, brought onto the ramp, checked thoroughly before finally being logged off. If the test is quicker than 60 seconds, it may highlight a tester taking shortcuts or not checking items thoroughly enough.
MOTs that took longer than 2 hours
This filter will help you identify any tests that are being conducted too slow, or perhaps forgot to be logged off. The MOT Testing Guide details that an MOT must only be conducted while both the vehicle and tester are on site at the same time. This filter can help highlight any tests that forgot to be logged off before the end of the day, putting you at risk of a 500 point disciplinary.
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Test Log Analysis system starting from only £29.99 per VTS per month.
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Frequently Asked Questions


You can edit or delete the filters you get given by default when you subscribe to the Test Log Analysis feature.

We add some default filters just to help get you started and so you have an idea of the type of filters you can create, but we know that these default filters won’t apply to every MOT business.

Yes. The MOT Juice Test Log Analysis tool is saving business owners and site managers over 10 hours each month.

The average test log file downloaded from DVSA contains over 100 MOT records each month. Imagine going through a file that big and trying to analyse it in multiple ways, then conducting a review on each of the tests that pique your interest.

With the MOT Juice system, you can create a filter in around 30 seconds and the system will automatically go through all your test log records in seconds and present you with the results.

What’s more, the MOT Juice system analyses all your past MOT logs when you create a new filter, potentially combing through thousands of MOT logs in a split second.

You need to be aware of any anomaliesSomething that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. that could result in a DVSA sanction. Reviewing your MOT Test Log data on a monthly basis gives you the ability to catch any issues and remedy them quickly and efficiently.

A common problem the DVSA encounter is where a different vehicle reg has been logged onto the MTS than the vehicle that is being tested (usually from mis-typing the vehicle reg). The DVSA could suspend you from testing as a result of this type of issue.

By reviewing your Test Logs each month, you’re allowing yourself to find any potential risks, and eliminate them before they become a problem. With MOT Juice, you just set the rules and our system will automatically analyse your data for you and highlight any MOTs that you should be concerned about.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse our FAQ library here, or get in touch with us today.

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