MOT Test Logs Analysis

Receive custom alerts for any MOT anomalies

The MOT Juice Test Log Analysis system automatically downloads your Test Log data for each month and analyses it for you. The system will then notify you of how many MOTs match each of your Test Log filters allowing you to dig deeper and conduct a review.

This auto-analysis saves you a huge amount of time (and money) from having to manually go through your DVSA Test Logs file for each filter. The MOT Juice Test Log Analysis will analyse your Test Logs within seconds for all the filters you’ve set up so that you only need to review the MOTs that match your filters.

We built the Test Log Analysis system to be able to allow you to create completely flexible filters that can be completely unique. You can create as many filters you need that analyses data fields including:

– Test day (i.e. Monday, Saturday, Sunday etc);
– Vehicle make (i.e. Ford; Vauxhall, Mercedes etc);
– Test type (i.e. normal test or retest);
– Result (i.e. passed, failed, aborted etc)
– Test duration (i.e. is shorter than, or is longer than etc);
– Time between tests (i.e. is less than, or is more than etc);
– And many many more.

You can combine as many rules as you need in order to monitor your Test Logs on a granular level. For example, you can create a Test Log filter that looks like this:

Show me all MOTs that took longer than 60 minutes to complete, resulted in a pass, was a normal type of test and is a class 4 example of a test log filter using mot juice

By default, our system will come packed with 7 pre-defined filters to get you up and running. These include:

IP Address Variants

This filter will highlight whether an MOT was logged on at 1 IP address and logged on on another IP address. This is the filter used by the DVSA to track whether MOTs are being completed at a testers’ house, or in a different country.

Retest Quicker Than 60 Seconds

This filter will highlight any MOT retest that is being completed too quickly. Typically, a retested MOT should be logged on, brought onto the ramp, checked thoroughly before finally being logged off. If the test is quicker than 60 seconds, it may highlight a tester taking shortcuts or not checking items thoroughly enough.

MOT Took Longer Than 50 Minutes

This filter will help you identify any tests that are being conducted too slow, or perhaps forgot to be logged off.

You can edit or delete these pre-built filters if they don’t apply to your MOT business or you can create your very own set of filters.

Whatever filters you want to apply to your test logs each month, you can be assured that the MOT Juice Test Log Analysis system is an absolute time-saver for you.

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