MOT Juice Billing Agreement

Last updated: 9th February 2024
Automatic recurring billing agreement
Please read this agreement carefully and in full before agreeing to create an account for Your Organisation and authorise recurring payments. Please verify that all information provided is complete and accurate before confirming Your agreement.

This Automatic Recurring Billing Agreement is between MOT Juice and the organisation using MOT Juice (“Your Organisation”) including the person acting as the owner (“You”) for Your Organisation and/or the person acting as the billing contact (“Billing Contact”) for Your Organisation.

This Agreement is not transferable outside of Your Organisation and must be agreed to by the person authorised on this account (You), by checking “I have read, understood and agree to the MOT Juice Billing Agreement” when You create Your Organisation’s account.

You also guarantee and warrant that You are the legal account holder for the credit card or bank account, and that You are legally authorised to enter into this recurring billing agreement with MOT Juice. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold MOT Juice harmless, against any liability pursuant to this authorisation. You also agree that You will not dispute any charges from MOT Juice unless You have already attempted to rectify the situation directly with MOT Juice and those attempts have failed. Lastly, You agree to all details of the plan You have selected and agree to be bound by those parameters.

Recurring credit/debit card payments are processed securely through a partnership with Stripe (

This document is also pursuant to all of the Terms and Conditions of Use of MOT Juice as outlined at

By checking “I have read, understood and agree to the MOT Juice Billing Agreement”, you agree and understand that MOT Juice has valid authorised access to your nominated bank account or credit card account which, for the purposes of billing, will not require any authorisation for any automatic payments charged for using the MOT Juice system.

As there is a Billing Agreement in place, you will be able to complete additional purchases inside the MOT Juice system with a single click without having to provide your bank account details.

Cancellation and disputes
Your Billing Agreement will remain active until cancelled by You or MOT Juice. MOT Juice reserves the right to cancel any agreement as per the terms and conditions

Any payment disputes regarding your Billing Agreement should be made to MOT Juice directly by contacting our Support Team. Any dispute escalated through your bank directly will be out of the control of MOT Juice and as a result any decision made by the bank is the final decision and MOT Juice will not investigate further. Escalated disputes can take up to 21 days to resolve.

Automatic recurring payment failure
Payment will be retried according to the following schedule at the beginning of each period: Three (3) days after first failure. If Your automatic recurring payment is declined or fails for any reason on the second and final attempt, the Billing Contact will be contacted via email at the address provided for your organisation and Your Organisation’s account will be closed and deactivated so that no further activity or sales can occur from within MOT Juice.

You may log in at any time prior to your account being deactivated to correct or change the payment information on the Subscriptions Setting page. Upon correcting the payment information, the previously failed payment amount will be re-attempted, but future Periodic billing dates will not change from their originally scheduled cycle.

VTS compliance tools
By checking “I have read, understood and agree to the MOT Juice Billing Agreement”, you will be able to use the MOT Juice VTS Compliance Tools suite completely unrestricted, free for 30 days. The VTS Compliance Tools 30-day free trial does not include any Training and/or CPD modules, Annual Tester Exams and/or any other MOT Juice products or offer. Once your free trial has expired, the full cost of £299.00 + vat if billed annually or £29.99 + vat per month if billed monthly will automatically be deducted from your nominated bank or credit card account and then on a recurring basis on the anniversary if billed annually and on the same day of the month if billed monthly.

You can opt-out of the free trial at any time up to and including the 30th day and you will not be charged. In order to opt-out you must login to your MOT Juice Garage account and remove the VTS Compliancy Tools from your subscription via the ‘Subscription Settings’ page in order to avoid being charged. Payment for the VTS Compliancy Tools is non-refundable once billed and paid for.

DVSA training and CPD modules
By checking “I have read, understood and agree to the MOT Juice Billing Agreement”, you agree to all CPD and/or DVSA training module costs. If applicable to your package, all Compulsory Training Modules (CTMs) are billable at their agreed rate. Additional Training Modules (ATMs) are always priced at £12.99 +VAT per module per tester and only cover 10 minutes of training per module upon completion.

Tester packages billed monthly will be billed each month on the 24th of the month in advance and the package will be valid for the following month. If a monthly package is purchased, or the trail period expires before the 24th of the month it will be valid for that month and then a further billing will occur that same month on the 24th valid for the next month.

Annual tester packages will be billed on expiration of the trial period and will contain all materials for that current MOT year (April 1st through to 31st March). Annual tester packages will be billed for the following MOT year on the 24th March.

Annual tester assessments
By checking “I have read, understood and agree to the MOT Juice Billing Agreement”, you understand that each of your MOT testers require 1 annual tester assessment per vehicle group class they are authorised to test. All annual tester assessments are charged at the full rate of £33.99+VAT per tester per class group. Upon completion of purchase, the assessment will be assigned to the selected testers and will be made available to them immediately in their tester account.

Any testers who fail their exam (for any reason including, but not limited to, running out of time or failing to reach the pass mark) require another exam to be purchased for them until they have completed and passed. All annual assessment purchases are final and non-refundable once purchased. MOT Juice cannot be held liable for the failure of a tester to pass an exam.

VTS tools only package
If you are subscribed to the MOT Juice VTS Tools Only Package, then it is not possible to remove the VTS Tools from your account. The MOT Juice VTS Tools Only Package is our lowest offer subscription and as such, it is not possible to remove the VTS Tools from your subscription. If you wish to downgrade your account, then the only option would be to cancel your subscription completely. This must be done by writing to our Support Team at


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