Online MOT Booking Diary

Take customer bookings 24/7 with the completely flexible MOT Juice booking diary

Online MOT Booking Diary

Take customer bookings 24/7 with the completely flexible MOT Juice booking diary

What is an MOT Booking Diary?

An MOT Booking Diary is a system (whether physical or computerised) where you manage your customers booked in for their MOT at your VTS. 10+ years ago, this would typically be sheets of paper, a binder, or a big book handled by many staff at an MOT station where MOTs were written in with a pencil.

These days, MOT bookings are more commonly managed by computer systems. Your MOT booking diary is a centralised place where you know what slots you have available and when, allowing you to effectively control your MOT workload throughput.

A good MOT booking system should allow you to:
  Record the registration mark of each vehicle booked in for MOT;
  Control the workload of an MOT ramp, ensuring it is not overloaded or underbooked;
  Ensure all your staff know how MOT bookings are operated and controlled.

DVSA require you to have a booking in system in place.

MOT Juice Online Booking System

The MOT Juice MOT Booking Diary is a completely flexible booking diary allowing you to build it to however your MOT Centre operates. We worked with a handful of MOT Businesses while developing our booking system to make it one of the most advanced on the market.

Once you’ve set-up your booking diary, you can take bookings directly from your own website and start allowing your customers to book and pay online 24/7. What’s more, since your customers are booking into your live booking diary, there’s zero chance of double bookings – our system will only offer slots that are available.

With the MOT Juice Online Booking Diary, you can:
  Set up multiple bays per MOT Centre;
  Customise MOT bay operating hours on a day-by-day basis;
  Automatically close your MOT bay(s) on bank holidays;
  Securely take payments online at the time of the booking – reducing the number of no-show customers;
  Conduct vehicle registration mark (VRM) lookup;
  Customise MOT slot pricing on a day-by-day and time-of-day basis;
  And much more.

Here are just some of the features that make the MOT Juice Booking Diary so advanced:

Zero chance of double bookings
With the MOT Juice Booking Diary, everything is updated in real-time. This means if a customer is requesting an MOT slot for 10:45, this time is locked out for everyone else until the customer has confirmed the booking. If the customer decides to cancel their booking, the 10:45 slot will become available again after 5 minutes. This rule also applies to anyone making a booking within your garage.
Custom user access permissions
Once you’ve built your MOT Juice Booking Diary, you can then choose which of your staff can access it, and to what level. You can give users:
Full access: view, add, edit and cancel bookings;
Amend access: view, edit and cancel bookings;
Read access: view bookings;
No access: user can’t view the booking diary.
Customised online booking widget
We understood that to make the MOT Juice Booking Diary worth while, it had to work on your own website. Once you’ve built your booking diary, you can customise a booking widget and place it on your own website.

The booking widget is automatically linked with your MOT Juice Booking Diary meaning your website visitors can now view your availability in real-time, make a booking and pay online instantly – the MOT Juice Booking System does everything for you. The only thing you need to do is take the customers booking code when they arrive, and that’s it!
Only pay for customers delivered online*
After you’ve set up your MOT Booking Diary, the only ongoing cost is if (and when) a customer makes a booking online. You’ll pay 13.5% +VAT of the final booking fee for each online customer.

*If you choose not to place your booking diary on your website, then you won’t get any online bookings meaning you won’t have to pay any booking commission – you can continue using it in-house completely free of any commission charges!
prices starting at
Online Booking System starting from only £5.99 per VTS per month.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our booking diary comes with 2 costs:

The system cost which is £5.99 per VTS per month, or £59.99 per VTS per year.

There is also a booking commission fee for any MOT Bookings made through your booking diary widget. This is 13.5%+VAT per booking. If you do not use the booking diary widget on your website for online bookings, then this commission fee is not payable.


With the MOT Juice Booking Diary, you can set up a booking diary for each bay within a VTS. Each bay can be individually managed, from setting different operating times; different lunch hours; different slot times; different slot prices and more.

You can set up as many bays in your booking diary as you need.

When a customer books their MOT through your booking diary widget on your website, MOT Juice handles this request.

Your widget will only offer MOT slots that are available within your booking diary, and when a customer has chosen their slot they will pay for it online.

The payment is handled via PayPal, and they pay the money to MOT Juice.

As soon as the customer has arrived for their MOT, you will enter the customers’ booking code into your diary to redeem the payment. MOT Juice will then send the money to your account.

We recommend taking the booking code after the MOT is done, just in case the MOT needs to be aborted and the funds returned to the customer.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse our FAQ library here, or get in touch with us today.

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