Croydon MOT Centre – Case Study

A case study from one of our valued independent garages

Croydon MOT Centre case study
Client Overview
Croydon MOT Centre is an independent local MOT business that has been trading since 2004. Offering MOTs, repairs and servicing in and around the Croydon area using only the best and most highly trained technicians. One of their areas of expertise is their capacity to undertake complex engine repairs on-site alongside a wealth of knowledge in vehicle electrics which they often repair where many other local garages turn such business down due to lack of internal expertise. Croydon MOT Centre invests heavily in its team with continuous training & education to ensure the absolute best service to all their clients.
Company Profile

Croydon, UK


20+ years

Company Size
The Challenge
When the DVSA introduced the new training and assessment requirements in April 2016, business owner Graham Streeter looked for a one-stop solution that would deliver all the annual training, CPD and exams and allow him to easily track and monitor progress to ensure compliance with the DVSA.
Graham looked at the many offerings in the marketplace at the time but kept coming back to MOT Juice as the only platform that met all his needs and which also went further by bringing his Site Audits, QC Checks and Calibrations into a single user friendly system at a very cost effective price.
Client Requirements
Deliver, score and manage 3 hours of DVSA training per year.
Deliver, score and manage ongoing CPD training.
Deliver, score and manage annual assessments.
Track calibrations, site audits and qc checks.
Offer an all-in-one compliance solution.
Device compliant (mobiles, tablets and PC’s)
Easy to use.
Cost effective.
What Croydon MOT Centre say about MOT Juice
The new DVSA regulations really threw a spanner in the works for any independent operation such as ours and we were confused at to how we should go about getting our training and assessments completed. The we got a call from MOT Juice and as it had been on my mind, I agreed to meet with their sales executive.
Within 10 minutes, I could see that the MOT Juice platform not only answered all my needs in respect of the new regulations but would also give me better control over many aspects of the business where compliance with the DVSA was required. We’ve been using the system for a while now and frankly I don’t know how we ever managed without MOT Juice in our business.
Graham Streeter
Managing Director
The MOT Juice Solution
MOT Juice conducted a brief initial visit to identify the needs of the garage. The key aim of this visit was to understand more about Croydon MOT Centre, see what challenges they were facing and understand how the MOT Juice platform could service those needs across the business.
Our proposition was to implement the MOT Juice platform across the site and add all NT’s to the built in Annual Training, CPD and Annual Assessments that the MOT Juice platform provides. We also identified other features within the MOT Juice platform that would ease the burden upon Graham through automated scheduling and reminders of important tasks that needed to be completed.
Graham was impressed with the fact the training and assessment delivery would have zero impact upon his day-to-day operation and would allow him to see ‘at a glance’ exactly where his NT’s were with annual training and CPD requirements at all times.
Graham also saw that the QC Checking and Site Audit tools were of great value in ensuring that his busy VTS maintains the required standards set down by the DVSA in regards to those things and made the tracking and management of these items so much easier with zero paperwork.
Within a few days of implementing MOT Juice into his business, all of Graham’s Nominated Testers were taking their training modules and the benefits of having the MOT Juice platform ‘looking after’ some of those critical areas of the VTS was already saving graham both time and money.
Croydon MOT Centre have been using the MOT Juice platform since 2017 and consider it to be an integral business tool upon which they can rely and ensure that they stay well above the DVSA standards for Training, CPD, Annual Assessments, Site Audits, QC Checks and much more. Graham has expressed how delighted he is with the system and how much it has helped him since it was implemented into Croydon MOT Centre.
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