Eden Motor Group – Case Study

A case study from one of our valued dealership clients
Eden Motor Group case study
Client Overview
Started as a joint venture between Graeme Potts, and Vauxhall Motors in 2008, Eden Motor Group have grown since launch to an impressive 20+ dealerships across the south of the UK and along with Vauxhall now represent Mazda, Hyundai, Peugeot and Fiat in sales (plus many more brands at multiple servicing franchises). Additionally, as of 2016 welcomed the Eden Prestige and Performance showroom in Fleet to the family. Eden’s rapid rise to becoming one of the UK’s foremost multi-Franchise Motor Groups is testament to their hard work and consummate professionalism.
Company Profile

Reading, UK


25+ years

Company Size
The Challenge
Due to the changes put in place by the DVSA which came into force in April 2016, Eden Motor Group identified a need to acquire a platform to deliver, track and manage all MOT Tester training, CPD (Continued Professional Development) and Annual Exams.
After looking at the market, Eden Motor Group contacted MOT Juice after learning that our platform would not only service their primary requirements, but would also service other needs that they had identified in relation to QC Checks, Site Audits, Calibrations and VE visits..
Client Requirements
Deliver, score and manage 3 hours of DVSA training per year.
Deliver, score and manage ongoing CPD training.
Deliver, score and manage annual assessments.
Be cloud based.
Device compliant (mobiles, tablets and PC’s).
Tiered hierarchy for group, branch and tester views.
Easy to use.
Cost effective.
What Eden Motor Group say about MOT Juice
Before MOT Juice was implemented in our business, we were struggling with the daunting task of getting all 80+ MOT testers in our group through the new annual training and assessment requirements before the deadline of March 31st. Since we implemented the MOT Juice platform, we’ve been able to drive our testers through their training and exams and have been able to see at a glance where we are from the Group perspective through to each individual tester.
MOT Juice is a highly cost-effective and elegant solution for any VTS business and they themselves are a great company to do business with and we’re looking forward to some of the new features they are introducing this coming year.
Mark Clifton
General Manager
The MOT Juice Solution
After a brief initial email exchange, MOT Juice visited Eden at their Reading HQ to identify their exact needs and to demonstrate the features and functions of the MOT Juice DVS Training & Compliance platform. The key aim of this visit was to understand more about the Eden Motor Group business and the challenges they were looking to overcome and to see how the MOT Juice platform would meet those immediate needs and scale with the business as it continues to grow.
We proposed that Eden Motor Group adopt the MOT Juice solution to ensure that all their MOT testers (some 80+) could meet or exceed the DVSA’s new requirements for individual MOT tester training, ongoing CPD and annual assessments for the training year 2016-2017. The solution would allow each tester to complete their training in bite-sized 15-minute modules meaning that the training didn’t impact upon the day-to-day business of carrying out MOTs.
Additionally, the platform would allow all site managers to gain ‘top-down’ insights and track progress at a garage level and finally the ‘group’ elements would allow head office to see the ‘big picture’ and ensure that as a whole group, all training, CPD, assessments, QC checks, site audits and calibrations were being carried out.
There are other offering in the marketplace, but Eden Motor Group felt that only MOT Juice offered a cohesive ‘one-stop’ solution to their requirement that would allow instant and easy management of the new DVSA requirements.
After agreeing to go ahead with the MOT Juice platform, we worked closely with senior management at the group to gather the necessary data on sits, testers and equipment and carried out the data entry on behalf of Eden Motor Group to make their entrance into using the system smooth and without workload.
Once the MOT Juice platform was rolled out to all Eden Motor Group sites, progress was monitored and any support requirements dealt with by our in-house team of support professionals. After an initial 2 months of usage, MOT Juice carried out a further training with all the Eden Motor Group site managers at the groups dedicated training centre.
Eden Motor Group senior management have expressed that they are delighted with the MOT Juice platform.
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