JCT600 – Case Study

A case study from one of our valued dealership clients
JCT600 case study
Client Overview
A family business at heart, JCT600 was first established by Edward Tordoff in 1946, before being taken on by his son, Jack. Four generations and seventy-five years later, JCT600 is led by Chief Executive, John Tordoff. It remains a proud family business, and is one of UK’s largest and most highly respected motor retailers.
JCT600 represents 25 of the world’s most iconic brands at more than 50 locations throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, and the North East, and yet its ambition remains the same as ever – to be the best, not necessarily the biggest.
Company Profile

Yorkshire, UK


75+ years

Company Size
The Challenge
Prior to using MOT Juice, Group Aftersales Manager Ben Mills ran 35 MOT Test Stations, spread over a wide geographical location, using only a paper reporting system to track compliance. This proved to be extremely challenging, and it gave JCT600 very little in the way of control or visibility in regards to compliance.
Furthermore, JCT600 also had to go through the challenge of sending all of their 180+ MOT testers out of the business each year, so they could meet their annual training & assessment requirements.
Although JCT600 ensured they met all DVSA compliance regulations required of them, Ben began to wonder if there was a better system out there for people like him, managing a large number of MOT Test Stations..
Client Requirements
All-in-one compliance and training software platform.
Deliver, score and manage 3 hours of DVSA training & CPD per year.
Deliver, score and manage annual assessments.
Cloud based.
Tiered hierarchy for group, site and tester views.
Competitively priced.
Data-driven analysis & KPI reporting for management.
Assists JCT600 in not only meeting, but exceeding DVSA standards.
What JCT600 say about MOT Juice
Prior to using MOT Juice I managed 35 MOT Test Stations across a vast area using a paper reporting system. I found that this was extremely challenging and it gave us very little in the way of control or visibility in how compliant we were with the DVSA. On top of this every year we had to go through the challenge of sending all of our MOT Testers out of the business for half a day to meet their 3 hours annual training and exam. Although this met the compliance of the DVSA it didn’t appear to be the best approach to running a large number of MOT Test Stations.
MOT Juice was chosen by JCT600 Ltd as it covered every area of the MOT compliance as well as having a monthly training suite which worked very conveniently for the technician to complete in and around their working day, week or month, this also ensures that all of our MOT Testers are regularly kept up to date with the latest information by carrying out the annual DVSA training and CPD training monthly, not just once a year.
Not to mention the saving of four hours per technician not being in the business each year to complete all of their annual training as we have over 200 MOT Testers, this equated to losing 800 productive hours per year as it was worked around any idle or down time as our convenience..
MOT Juice does not replace the face to face interaction with sites and our people who run them but it does give us great visibility across the organisation and I know exactly where we are from a compliance perspective – and that is a place of strength when it comes to meeting the requirements of the DVSA.
We’ve never been stronger!
Ben Mills
Group Aftersales Manager
The MOT Juice Solution
After being approached by an MOT Juice representative, it quickly became evident that our system encompassed all of the tools JCT600 required, in order to efficiently oversee compliance and provide training across their Dealer Group.
They embarked on a three-month pilot of the MOT Juice system, and after successful completion, MOT Juice was rolled out across the JCT600 group in March 2020.
MOT Juice visited all pilot sites during early 2020, in order to identify JCT600s compliance needs as a business, whilst also taking the opportunity to show the Site Management & testers how the system worked, and how we could make their compliance & training-related tasks easier and more efficient.
Although the national lockdown prevented further face-to-face visits from taking place after March 2020, all sites became familiar with the system very quickly, thanks to remote walkthroughs and assistance, video how-to guides, and most importantly, the hard work and collaboration of all involved.
Throughout our time spent with JCT600, we soon learnt all about their ethos and values as a company, and we saw how these values were demonstrated throughout all levels of the business. We knew they wanted to not only meet regulatory standards, but exceed them, whilst maintaining their industry-leading reputation as both a trusted MOT provider, and a supportive employer.
It became clear that our system was exactly what JCT600 were looking for.
Testers meet all annual training requirements each year by completing 15-minute modules each month, without having to leave the workshop. They’re kept up-to-date with new DVSA Special Notices, regulatory changes and industry news by sitting our unique CPD modules alongside their DVSA training.
Testers complete their annual assessment online, after being able to practice with our Mock Exam – this year, pass marks at JCT600 are higher than ever, with testers sailing through their assessments with confidence. They review their TQI (Test Quality Information) online each month, reflecting on their MOT statistics and ensuring JCT600’s quality of testing is maintained at the highest levels.
QC Checks and Site Audits are carried out monthly, logged & evidenced for both JCT600 management & the DVSA to view as required. Equipment calibration schedules are tracked, reminders are sent when calibrations are due, and certificates and manuals are stored safely online.
Test Logs are automatically downloaded & analysed for all sites, based on flexible filters designed in conjunction with JCT600. Site Managers are then able to review any ‘flagged’ tests, saving them a huge amount of time previously spent manually scrolling through the DVSA test logs spreadsheet.
As a large dealer group, making sure all of these tasks have been completed each month is no easy feat! Therefore, JCT600 Management have come to depend on the MOT Juice KPI Analysis Dashboard, which collates the entire Group’s data into one easy-to-read page, with effective and accurate real-time reporting.
Our collaborative relationship means that JCT600 play a significant role in the development and implementation of new ideas and features.
We’re really proud to work with, and for JCT600, and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership in the years ahead.
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