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Tower Garage Marlow case study
Client Overview
Founded over 65 years ago, Tower Garage has a well-earned reputation as one of the most trusted, reliable and experienced garages in Marlow and the surrounding areas. With modern, clean premises that houses 6 vehicle ramps, 2 MOT bays and a range of the very latest in car repair and diagnostic equipment, their team of highly experienced and skilled technicians work hard to ensure their customers always receive the best level of customer care.
Company Profile

Marlow, UK


65+ years

Company Size
The Challenge
When the time came for Owner & Director Martin Fletcher to conduct the monthly QC checks for his testers, his attention was drawn to one of his testers DVSA RAG scores being red. Upon investigating this, Martin was eager to find out what he could do to ensure his testers weren’t slipping behind on DVSA standards.
Martin took to the internet to find out what fellow garage owners did about their Quality Management, and this opened a whole world of compliance tasks and procedures that Martin was initially overwhelmed by, but keen to tackle head on as a responsible MOT business owner.
The Journey
During his research, Martin found the MOT Juice website and was interested by all the areas of compliance it covered to satisfy a VE visit. Undeterred by his initial scepticism, Martin decided to go ahead and give the MOT Juice platform a go.
After logging on for the first time, Martin started off with the MOT Juice Boot Camp (a series of tutorials about what MOT Juice is and how it helps combat the stress of DVSA compliance). Martin was up and running in no time, confident that he had chosen the right solution that would address his Quality Management requirements.
Client Requirements
Ease the burden of monthly QC checks.
Introduce various QC checking methods to maintain testing standards.
Make VE visits less stressful.
Work to reduce tester RAG scores with DVSA.
Offer an all-in-one compliance solution.
Easy to use.
Cost effective.
What Tower Garage (Marlow) & Martin say about MOT Juice
Hello Barry and Team,
I thought I would take a few moments to congratulate you all for producing and maintaining MOT Juice. Last week I was having a normal day doing my stuff and my diary flagged it was time for a QC check. Doing QC’s is a pain in the arse for me, I have to stand and watch three very competent testers and try and find faults, or at best try and teach them how to suck eggs. We all understand how a QC is beneficial to the tester, the QC and invariably we all learn something from it, but still a pain in the arse!
However, last week was different.
Our main tester noticed he was in the red in the DVSA RAG box. He is so conscientious about testing and being of a timid personality, he panicked. I emailed DVSA and asked why he was red. To their credit, they responded within 24-hours and although not stating an actual reason, the VE (Wayne) wrote a comprehensive narrative with a few reasons for the flag. He mentioned that a part of a QC would be to re-test a vehicle after it’s just been tested. I’ve never done that! So, I started exploring the WWW to see what else others are doing, bearing in mind, there is no way of recording our results with the DVSA. I was really looking for a QC template and anything else that would satisfy a VE visit.
That research frightened the crap out of myself and business partner! The search highlighted so many things we either don’t do or are not doing correctly. During my online research I came across your website, it was interesting as it appeared to cover all the necessary criteria for keeping a VE happy. Sadly, I’m a sceptic, so I didn’t jump for joy immediately, but I did want to try it. I thought I would sign up for the trial period, but somehow, I managed to buy a subscription. I was going to cancel it, thinking I had made a mistake and would be disappointed with the software, but I logged on and started watching the boot camp videos.
What a revelation!
A straight-talking bloke telling it the way it is and backing up his words with demonstrations and documents. I completed the boot camp and master class and realised that this information is gold! The training questions are brilliantly formatted, not being able to see the answer to the question until the resource box has been read, ensures the reader has to read what the test manual states.
I’m completely sold on MOT Juice, with the only downside being, I spent the whole of this last weekend going through our testers training and QC records and loading them onto the MOT Juice software. All our testers are happy with the site, so not only do I feel more confident about a VE visit but so do they.
You guys have thoroughly thought this through and produced a product that every MOT test centre should use. It has taken a lot of stress from my life and given our team a tool they can rely on to keep them on the right side of the ministry. I have used your support line (I needed help adding a RBT to my list) and the young lady I spoke to was very pleasant and had the problem sorted in less than five minutes.
Don’t change anything, just keep doing what you’re doing.
Best wishes to you all.
Martin Fletcher
Tower Garage Marlow
The MOT Juice Solution
Since adopting the MOT Juice solution, Martin and his team of MOT professionals have embraced the ease that MOT Juice makes running an MOT business, completing Annual MOT Tester Training and VTS Compliance activities.
MOT Juice has been built specifically to meet the modern demands of running an MOT Centre with the increasing burden DVSA compliance requires of Owners, Site Managers, MOT Testers and everyone in-between.
MOT Juice is perfectly positioned within the market to react quickly and accurately to ever-changing DVSA regulations, and deliver up-to-date training to all MOT Testers. With this capability to react to change, our solution helps ensure industry professionals like Martin have confidence that they feel protected and ready for a VE visit at any time.
1 Year On…
1 year after joining MOT Juice, Martin sent us a little update.
Hello MOT Juice team,
I have a story to brighten your afternoon:
I got a call from our DVSA vehicle inspector last Wednesday. Nice bloke, he wanted to do a phone review of Tower Garage. He said it would take an hour! I told him that at that time I couldn’t spend an hour on the phone (I had an appointment) and asked if he could call back.
DVSA: I can’t call back another time, if you can’t do it now, I will have to come and visit you.
Me: That’s no problem, we haven’t seen an inspector for bloody years. Come on down, I would love to know how we are doing. We have signed up to MOT Juice, Have you heard of them? Their training system is brilliant, and I would like to see what you think of it and how we use it.
DVSA: he Laughed. Nobody invites me for a site visit. Ok, obviously I can’t tell you when.
Me: I realise that, it would be good to see you.
DVSA: OK, thank you, goodbye.
SO, I logged onto MOT Juice and checked we are all up to date. I thought the inspector would come down and try and catch us out in a week or two, so we were on “high alert”. He arrived on Friday morning! He immediately got the last car tested and re-tested it… no problem.
He then came to my office and asked for the calibration certs, the training records, the equipment manuals, the site audit, the tests cross checks etc. NO PROBLEM!!!!! I did mention that we hadn’t expected him so soon, if at all. He replied; “well, you invited me”… made me smile.
A quick tour of the premises and only found one issue, our reception notice board didn’t have “MOT notice board” written on it… DAMN! Carla printed one out and stuck it on. He summarised his visit and said we are doing a good job. He offered some very sound advice about QC’s and training notes. We/I should be more specific with remarks during QC’s and give more insight as to what we learnt during training.
Advice heeded!
Alec, our testers and myself would like to pass our thanks and congratulations to your whole team for doing such an excellent job.
Best wishes
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