The MOT Juice system allows you to keep track of your risk assessment score and see where you can improve for a DVSA site assessment.

Keep your VTS risk score under control

The MOT Juice system now has a built in Monthly Audit feature to allow you to conduct your own site assessment to see how you would perform in relation to a DVSA site audit.

As many garage owners will know, a DVSA site assessment can be a tense time. Having a member of the DVSA rock up to your garage unannounced means the future of your garage is no longer in your hands and all you can do is hope you've made the grade.

The MOT Juice system can now offer you a realistic guideline of how your garage will perform in a real site assessment. You can now complete your own site audit and see what your score will be if the DVSA turned up to your garage today.

The MOT Juice Monthly Audit will run you through exactly what the DVSA VE will look at when performing a site audit on your garage. You will be required to select the answers best related to your garage in its current state.

When the audit has been completed, you will be provided with a full report of what your score is on the DVSA Site Assessment Report. You will also be emailed a summary of the areas which you could improve on before the VE walks in.

The next time a DVSA VE walks through your door, simply click the button to generate the full VE report and the MOT Juice system will create your comprehensive SAR which you can then hand over to the VE. The report will include all of the following:

  • Site assessment report;
  • Tester training summary (year-to-date);
  • Quality control check summary (year-to-date);
  • Monthly audit summary (year-to-date);
  • Equipment calibration summary (year-to-date);
  • Monthly audit report;
  • Your online calibration documents.

And the best part...

All this comes as standard as part of the MOT Juice System and comes packed with the following features:

So, If you would like to start measuring your VTS risk score and be on your way to being a better garage, call us on 01293 911120.