The DVSA are constantly evolving the rules surrounding compliance.
If you cannot demonstrate to the DVSA that you have total control of your business, you may be non-compliant & at risk of instant cessation!

Did you know that certain roles within your VTS are classed as MANDATORY by the DVSA?

The rules and regulations surrounding the compliance required to operate a VTS are both complex and constantly evolving.

Unless you keep on top of these ever changing rules you could be exposing your staff and your business to instant cessation at best, and in the worse case scenario you may even be open to criminal prosecution (watch the video above to find out how)

MOT Juice - DVSA Mandatory Roles - VTS - MOT Testing Stations

As a VTS owner, its imperative (and mandatory) that you have all the relevant people in your business structure to both comply with the DVSA rules and also to give you a complete “Span Of Control” from the top to the bottom of your VTS.

It’s a mandatory requirement that you appoint at least one Site Manager at each VTS. Its important that you do not confuse this role with the General Manager or Aftersales Manager of your VTS – they are NOT the same thing.

MOT JUICE - Site Manager Mandatory Role DVSA VTS

FACT… in a worst case scenario, the actions of your testers could land you in prison!

Because the DVSA state that as the AEP (the VTS owner, board member or Director)  you could be criminally responsible for any harm or loss incurred as a result of anyone in your VTS – this includes your Testers (watch the video to find out why)

The MOT Testing Guide clearly states that the AEP is the “Legally Responsible” person for the VTS, this extends to being criminally responsible for lack of control over your VTS that led to death or injury on the road.

MOT Juice - AEP DVSA Rules

EXAMPLE… A tester in your VTS carries out a test at the weekend under pressure from a family member. The vehicle is then the cause of a Road Traffic Accident which results in fatalities. Not only is the tester going to prison, but its highly likely that as the AEP YOU could be joining him in prison, as you’re the legally responsible person for the whole VTS!

OK… so how do I protect myself and my MOT business from this?

That’s easy! We’ve designed a tailor-made course to ensure that your MOT Site Managers are properly trained (with an audit trail) This will give you the “Span Of Control” you need to protect your MOT business, your staff & yourself, and be able to demonstrate this to the DVSA when the VE comes knocking.

SO WHATS THE SOLUTION? Here at MOT Juice (The UK’s leading MOT compliance company) we’ve developed an in-depth MOT Site Manager’s Awareness Course designed to specifically train your SM’s to the required level to:

  • Give you the correct “Span Of Control”
  • De-risk your VTS
  • Provide an audit trail to the DVSA

WHO IS IT FOR? The MOT Juice Site Manager’s Awareness Course is for anyone in a VTS who has been appointed to, or who must automatically assume the DVSA specified role of “MOT Site Manager”

HOW IS IT DELIVERED? The MOT Juice Site Manager’s Awareness Course is fully online and consists of easy to digest modules with short video lessons, which can be completed alongside the working day. This is delivered through our market leading MOT Juice Compliance Platform which is already protecting thousands of VTS’s across the country.

HOW DOES THIS PROTECT ME? The MOT Juice Site Manager’s Awareness Course provides the correct training for any Site Manager and provides provenance to the DVSA of this training. It also helps you build the “Span Of Control” you need to prevent the worst case scenario shown in the video above!

HOW DO I GET THIS? The MOT Juice Site Manager’s Awareness Course is available exclusively from MOT Juice as its been developed by MOT Testers, for MOT Testers! Read on to grab this for your VTS today…

MOT Juice Site Manager Awareness Course - Barry Call Back

Simply drop your details into the short form below and one of our Customer Success Team will call you back to discuss your options and get you started…


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