• Mobile ready websites for your MOT station.
  • Online monthly training for your MOT testers.
  • VTS QC/QA management makes inspections easy.
  • Annual assessment exams deliverd, scored, done.
  • Equipment calibrations scheduled and managed.
  • Make money while your garage is closed.


PLUS get 45 minutes FREE CPD Training for all your MOT Testers!


Sign up today and get 25% of your annual tester training absolutely free!

The MOT Juice system can be accessed on any device with an internet connection including smartphones and tablets.

Who Are MOT Juice?

MOT Juice are an agile developer of high yield websites and training & management software for MOT testing stations in the UK.

MOT Juice evolved from one man’s frustration with traditional advertising costs and his concerns over the spiralling costs of newspaper centimetres, leaflets, directories, Google AdWords and the myriad of other forms of advertising that used to work in the days before consumers became "internet savvy" and before mobile devices became the main way many people interact with the companies that they buy products and services from.

Today MOT Juice not only builds websites to help drive new customers to your MOT bays, but also develops leading industry management software for MOT bays across the UK.

That "one man" is Barry Babister, the co-owner of a sizeable independent garage established in 1993 working across two sites in the Surrey & Sussex area employing 4 MOT testers and 9 mechanics, and a veteran of working for more than 20 years "in the trenches" of an MOT business day-to-day.

Here Barry puts in his own words what led him to develop the MOT Juice System.

Barry Says FREE Until April 2017!

Mobile Friendly. Google Friendly.

MOT Juice can help drive new customers to your MOT bay and our fantastic software suite can help you manage your day to day DVSA training and compliancy requirements.

The MOT Juice system is 2 things;
• It is a management tool to allow you to manage all your VTS compliance
• It supplies a customer facing web portal that helps drive new customers to your MOT bay

Let’s be clear – if you are not using the MOT Juice software for your MOT tester training, annual MOT exam and to help you win new MOT customers then you are missing out!!

What we deliver are NOT “leads”, these are real local customers who are contacting you to book their car in for its MOT, and our software will save you time and money in managing the day to day DVSA compliance and Annual MOT tester exams and training.

We do all the marketing so you don’t have to! We tailor make campaigns which will ensure your business is highly visible and prominent when people are looking for a local MOT garage via the internet or mobile devises. The MOT Juice website need not replace your current website, but works to give your garage a wider exposure and attract more customers.

Everything we do here at MOT Juice is bespoke, designed on an individual client by client basis specifically to drive MOT customers to you via phone calls or email enquiries, our system then later takes care of all MOT reminders whilst giving your garage a web based solution to track and manage the new customers generated on your behalf.

Then imagine having all of your calibrations / QC checks / mot tester training / annual MOT assessment all in one online secure place.

Put simply the MOT Juice system is the de facto software product for any UK mot testing station.

Barry Says See Less FREE Until April 2017!
The MOT Juice system is completely mobile responsive and Google friendly.
Our system is simple and easy to use and can be set up in less than 30 minutes.

A System Built For Ages 12 - 62+

Here at MOT Juice we're all about simplicity. Everything we develop is designed to be quick; easy and reliable, not to mention a breeze to set up!

It's time to ditch those over-complicated systems and get something that is lightning fast and simple to use!

You can get MOT Juice for your own MOT garage today from only £54.85 + VAT, and even better you can do it all online, and even better if you are sooo concerned about the cost you can have our software for a free 30 day trial with some free tester training as well.

So that’s a new website plus the leading MOT management software for the cost of 1 MOT Test!

What's more there's nothing to download and nothing to install.

Barry Says See Less FREE Until April 2017!

It's An All-In-One Training Powerhouse

New customers, new website, great software, MOT tester training, calibration recording & scheduling, annual MOT tester exam and much more all in one, easy to use system!

At MOT Juice we believe in our product, we know it works as we use it. We can also promise to bring you more software as the months go by.

MOT Juice is the market leading de-facto system for MOT garages looking to expand their customer base and increase revenues and turnover.

You have an opportunity to get your hands on this amazing software before most others have heard about it. This gives you a massive competitive advantage over your local competitors, and will see your DVSA risk score improving as your VTS management is brought into a new era.

Barry Says See Less FREE Until April 2017!
MOT Juice provides fully DVSA compliant training modules for all your MOT testers in monthly bitesize modules.
Our built in support system allows you to get in contact with our expert staff 24/7.

Help Is Just A Click Away

Need help? Our software has a built in support ticket system which puts you in direct contact with a specialist member of staff to assist you with your questions.

Whether it's a question about your account or a recent invoice, you can submit a support ticket through our system and help will be a few moments away.

When you submit a support ticket, your question is then fired directly to the person we feel has the best experience and knowledge in order to deal with your query so that you don't have to spend hours trying to find the answer yourself.

What's more, all our support staff are real people who helped build the MOT Juice system so you know that you will be getting the best customer service we can offer.

The best thing about our support system is that you can submit a ticket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what day or time you submit your question we'll still get back to you as soon as we can, no waiting on hold and no costly phone charges.

Barry Says See Less FREE Until April 2017!

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