VTS Monthly Quality Control Checks

Record all your monthly quality control checks with the MOT Juice VTS QC system.

The MOT Juice VTS QC system provides you with an easy to understand overview panel so that you can view all your MOT tester QC records and see who is and who is not up-to-date with their monthly QC checks. This allows You as an MOT business owner to easily control and monitor your internal performance.

Our system is accessed completely online so it's available anywhere on any device with have an internet connection. This means that you could be on beach somewhere exotic but still be able to monitor what's happening in your VTS.

In developing this system for our own MOT garages we created a simple to use process and then added an automated reminder system that emails both the MOT tester and the VTS manager just before the end of each month to alert both parties of the QC checks that need to be completed.

Using the MOT Juice VTS system allows all registered MOT test stations to set up, record and carry out their obligatory MOT tester QC check requirements quickly & easily!

The MOT Juice VTS Training System includes all of the following features:
  • Compulsory QC checks delivered online;
  • Late/missed training notifications;
  • Automatic monthly reminders;
  • Late/missed QC notifications;
  • Date tracking of QC checks;
  • Instant updates and notes;
  • Works on smartphones;
  • Works on any browser;
  • Online monitoring;
  • Works on Tablets;
  • DVSA compliancy.

If you would like to train, track & monitor your MOT Testers required DVSA training online, simply start the MOT Juice signup process now.